Triviala Live

Have you got what it takes to become a Triviala LIVE champion? Jump into one of our multiplayer quiz rooms and get playing! Watch out, though - the competition's hot!


Triviala LIVE is the hottest new social networking game, and it's totally exclusive to Come and play in one of our LIVE tournament rooms! Play for free, as often as you like. Take on your friends or like-minded trivia enthusiasts from around the world, and win Crowns and prizes just by using your superior trivia-orientated brain.

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Winner Players On
cakebake 3 22-Jan-2017
BScane 3 22-Jan-2017
BScane 3 22-Jan-2017
amron 8 22-Jan-2017
bess 4 21-Jan-2017
BScane 5 20-Jan-2017
BScane 8 20-Jan-2017
BScane 6 20-Jan-2017
BScane 5 19-Jan-2017
BScane 4 19-Jan-2017
amron 6 19-Jan-2017
BScane 6 18-Jan-2017
FreakinNerd 7 18-Jan-2017
SirAlex 4 18-Jan-2017
SirAlex 5 18-Jan-2017
SirAlex 3 18-Jan-2017
Scoobyslippers 6 18-Jan-2017
bess 5 18-Jan-2017
amron 3 18-Jan-2017
kubrik 3 17-Jan-2017
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