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Fun Solar System Quiz

Great solar system quiz 10 Questions.

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  • mumshoes said on 24-Feb-2014, 4 years ago
  • Shivanna said on 29-Sep-2013, 4 years ago
  • Josephbenny said on 15-Jun-2012, 5 years ago
  • hitman96 said on 26-Dec-2011, 6 years ago
    dude cmon how can someneknow volumes of planet compared to the earth??nd u call this fun solar system quiz lol
  • ramitpal said on 09-Mar-2011, 7 years ago
    Lets get the confussion off . The Solar system is basically elliptical and it is not circular so there is no centre of the elliptical objects but surely there are two focii which are there on the axis of the elliptical object so our solar system really dont have a centre.
  • razhan123 said on 24-May-2010, 7 years ago
    The majorty says there is no center, dude its true, the solar system is in space, and space doesnt end it keeps on going and going, so u cant proove if there is a center.
  • Jaggius said on 22-May-2010, 7 years ago
    There are plenty of web sites out there that say the Sun is at the centre. Do you believe those? There are those that say the earth sits on the back of a giant turtle. Do you believe those as well? Just because some web sites say its true doesn't make it. The planets follow an elliptical orbit. The sun is at one focus and there is nothing at the other. The middle of the axis joining the two foci is the centre of the solar system, and there is nothing there.
  • razhan123 said on 22-May-2010, 7 years ago
    Jaggius there is no center, go search up on the internet, plus dont call me a dick, cuz thats ur name not mine
  • Jaggius said on 21-May-2010, 7 years ago
    who mentioned anything about mercury moron. question 4 - 3 velocities given, one negative and 2 positive only a few km/h apart - what sort of question is that? no your stupid - what is at the centre of the solar system - answer nothing - the given answer - there is no center - of course there is a centre - just nothing there. razhan you are a dick.
  • razhan123 said on 21-May-2010, 7 years ago
    plus u got 90% and your arguing about 2 questions, so u should get 80% not 90%, ur stupid
  • razhan123 said on 21-May-2010, 7 years ago
    Howcome people get 100% on this quiz if the answers are wrong? lol i have a point
  • razhan123 said on 21-May-2010, 7 years ago
    Your stupid jaggius, he didnty say if there is an an object in the center, plus IT SAYS THERE IS NO CENTER in books and facts. maybe u should go tell ur mommy to ready u space books while u sleep. lmao
  • razhan123 said on 21-May-2010, 7 years ago
    Quesion 4 was a fact on a website dumby, plus its not the exact velocity they estimate.
  • razhan123 said on 21-May-2010, 7 years ago
    jaggius, shut up kid if u would actually ready books about space it says that mercury has the most craters, and use your own bran too, would neptune have craters? NO bcause it has seas, so do prosses of elamination. Nice quiz sergiu
  • Jaggius said on 20-May-2010, 7 years ago
    Ridiculous quiz. Answer 1 is wrong. There is a centre, there is just nothing there. Question 4 is nonsense - avid astronomers won't know that. Other are equally stupid.
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