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  • The Spelling Quiz
    The Spelling Quiz

    We're all good spellers, right? Well after this quiz you might think twice about spelling.

    Created by: CameronW   Played: 159 times
    General Quizzes, Art & Literature
    4 stars
  • Harry Potter trivia quiz
    Harry Potter trivia quiz

    You think you know a lot about J.K Rowling’s magical world of Harry Potter. Maybe think again after taking this quiz.

    Created by: Leia   Played: 39 times
    Book Quizzes, Fiction
    3 stars
  • M*A*S*H TV series quiz
    M*A*S*H TV series quiz

    Korean war sitcom trivia

    Created by: danbridge   Played: 199 times
    Entertainment Quizzes, TV
    4 stars
  • Kylie Minogue Quiz
    Kylie Minogue Quiz

    Train-spotter's guide to Miss Minogue

    Created by: Nickylie   Played: 53 times
    Music Quizzes, Artists
    3 stars
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