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  • Employment Law Quiz
    Employment Law Quiz

    A quiz about the history of employment law.

    Created by: ab12   Played: 29 times
    Law Quizzes, Employment Law
    5 stars
  • Attorney Quiz
    Attorney Quiz

    A quiz about attorneys, or practising lawyers

    Created by: ab12   Played: 18 times
    Law Quizzes, Attorney
    5 stars
  • Contract Law Quiz
    Contract Law Quiz

    A quick quiz surrounding the legalities of contract Law.

    Created by: jeyaviii-pops   Played: 470 times
    Law Quizzes, Commercial Law
    3 stars
  • Samsung v Apple
    Samsung v Apple

    What do you know about Apple v Samsung?

    Created by: ab12   Played: 96 times
    Law Quizzes, Corporate Law
    4 stars
  • Divorce Quiz
    Divorce Quiz

    What do you know about divorce?

    Created by: ab12   Played: 195 times
    Law Quizzes, Divorce
    4 stars
  • Trademark Quiz
    Trademark Quiz

    What do you know about trademarks?

    Created by: ab12   Played: 308 times
    Law Quizzes, Trademarks
    5 stars
  • Health & Safety at Work (UK) Basics Quiz
    Health & Safety at Work (UK) Basics Quiz

    A general knowledge quiz to test your knowledge of the basics of H&S at work.

    Created by: Prasutagus   Played: 1855 times
    Law Quizzes, Business
    4 stars
  • Marriage Law Quiz
    Marriage Law Quiz

    This quiz is based on " Marriage Law"

    Created by: Shamimox   Played: 62 times
    Law Quizzes, Marriage
    4 stars
  • Illegal Things To Do Around The World Quiz
    Illegal Things To Do Around The World Quiz

    What are you not allowed to do in the world? What are the traditions of different states, countries and counties? Think about it in this law quiz.

    Created by: mrfo   Played: 188 times
    Law Quizzes, Family Law
    4 stars
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