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Free With Petrol Quiz

Do you remember those free gifts that came with 5 gallons of petrol? Here’s a few to jog your memory! 10 Questions.

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  • johana said on 26-Sep-2018, 3 months ago
    a collectible promotion
  • Prasutagus said on 26-Sep-2018, 3 months ago
    I have a sneaking suspicion that I still have one of those tiger tails stuffed into an old box somewhere in the attic, but no longer have healthy enough knees to get up there and have a look! Do you remember those old bulbous-based, tinted glasses that came free with a box of OMO washing powder? The ones that bounced if you dropped them!
  • Linnet said on 26-Sep-2018, 3 months ago
    Lol good one Prag On a slightly different tack I still have my World Cup Willie ( oo er missus) piggy bank Might be worth something now lol
  • Prasutagus said on 26-Sep-2018, 3 months ago
    Good grief, yet another quiz I'd completely forgotten I ever wrote! D'yknow, I've still got some ESSO glasses, both tumblers and aome small wine glasses that Mrs/Prag and I still use for our G&T's!. No-one ever mentioned the Smurfs - I wonder if that means they're really collectable now?
  • Linnet said on 26-Sep-2018, 3 months ago
    Nice one Prag A few good memories there Thanks
  • Prasutagus said on 16-Mar-2013, 5 years ago
    LoL reminds me of Top Gear's car designed for the elderly, it had that problem sorted. You pressed a button on the key fob and the car sent up up a flare - then when you'd reached the car park you pressed another and a it released a helium filled balloon to show you where the car was actually parked!
  • decsgirl said on 16-Mar-2013, 5 years ago
    Hi Prags - know the feeling well, but you only have to start worrying when you can't remember the car park you left it in as well!!! Happy motoring and quizzing,
  • Prasutagus said on 15-Mar-2013, 5 years ago
    Thank you all for your kind comments, it's good to know I've stirred some happy memories. I think we all seem to have the fondest memories of our first cars - I can still remember the reg of my first car, but I'll be blowed if I can remember those of any other cars I've had since, and that includes my present one... when I can't find it in the car park I press my remote and wait for the lights to flash!
  • choir2 said on 15-Mar-2013, 5 years ago
    I had a little Fiat - £5.00's worth of petrol lasted me a fortnight. the kids called it my mean machine, happy days
  • hotbabs said on 15-Mar-2013, 5 years ago
    good quiz praggy
  • jacksnharvey said on 15-Mar-2013, 5 years ago
    AHA Prag, those were the days. I remember green shield stamps but I used to get my boyfriends to buy my petrol, a quids worth would last for ever in my Mini. I think you may have had better freebees in the south, we didn't get much in the north.
  • decsgirl said on 15-Mar-2013, 5 years ago
    Woohooooooooooo - I must be OLD!!!!! Thanks Prag, I don't know whether you've made my day or not lol. Cheers
  • Prasutagus said on 14-Mar-2013, 5 years ago
    Leave it out jacks, if I can remember them I'm sure you can! One of the first things I did when I got my first car was fill it up (3s 6d per gallon / 17.5p for 4.5 litres), and collect the tokens for my first tumblers. Ooh, that thought makes me shudder - I could have kept my tank full for a month on what I now pay for a litre!
  • msminimilk said on 14-Mar-2013, 5 years ago
    Any points i scored was pure fluke - i don't remember any....great quiz though
  • hootyboofus said on 14-Mar-2013, 5 years ago
    Feel they should go back to this considering what we pay for gas!
  • Melodypearl said on 14-Mar-2013, 5 years ago
    I remembered some of these , good effort for a quiz
  • Roy said on 14-Mar-2013, 5 years ago
    Wow great memories
  • PhilipJ said on 14-Mar-2013, 5 years ago
    Very informative - I had those footie medals.
  • jacksnharvey said on 14-Mar-2013, 5 years ago
    I don't remember any of those but my father in law frequently ran out of petrol because the bat in law would only let him refuel where they gave gemstones.
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