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A Monarchs Quiz

Do you know how these Monarchs became ex-Monarchs? 10 Questions.

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Richard the First, known as the "Lionheart", died at the age of 41 of what?

  • Gout
  • Choked on a potato
  • An arrow wound in his shoulder became infected


In 1327, Edward II met an untimely end when he was murdered in Berkeley Castle. What implement was said to have been used?

  • A large heavy door
  • A small pen knife used to peel apples
  • A red hot poker


Henry I died after gorging himself on which 12th century delicacy?

  • Lamprey Eels
  • Natterjack Toads
  • Badgers


Which King died after he ruptured a kidney trying to control his horse?

  • King Alfred the Great
  • King Henry III
  • William the Conqueror


William II, known as William Rufus, met his death in mysterious circumstances. Which answer best applies to what is thought to have happened on 2nd August 1100?

  • He choked on a peach
  • He was found with an arrow in his back
  • His boat capsized in the Solent


What might Ye Olde Sun have had as its headline in June 1483?

  • Germania 1 Anglo-Saxon England 0
  • Edward V visited by Richard III in Tower.
  • Brucie de Forsythe to host Strictly Come Jousting


Amidst rumours that he had been behind the murder of 12 yr old Edward V two years earlier, Richard III then became the last English King to do what in 1485?

  • Not declare Pontefract Castle as a 2nd home
  • Represent Britain in Eurovision Sonnet Contest
  • Die in Battle


What have William II, Edward II, Richard II, Henry VI and Edward V are linked by which one of these facts below?

  • All were born in Hull
  • All were murdered
  • All were keen Morris Dancers


George I and George II were both where when they died?

  • On the battlefield.
  • On hunting trips in the New Forest
  • On the toilet


And finally, in 1751, George II's son Frederick died after contracting septicemia from being struck on the head with a cricket ball. This was the first and only occurence of ...........

  • play stopped reign
  • rain stopped play
  • Duckworth Lewis allowing for heirs death