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The World at War

A Picture Quiz About Battles & War Zones. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

The first really successful use of tanks came in which 1917 WWI battle?

  • Battle of Ypres
  • Battle of Passchendaele
  • Battle of Cambrai

Question 2 Photo

What was the final major battle of the War of 1812?

  • Battle of New Orleans
  • Battle of Bladensburg
  • Battle of Baltimore

Question 3 Photo

Who was defeated at the battle of 'Pharsalus' in 48 BC?

  • Pompey the Great
  • Marcus Licinius Crassus
  • Lucius Cornelius Sulla

Question 4 Photo

Which battle is generally considered to be the largest naval battle of World War II?

  • The Battle of Midway
  • Battle of Leyte Gulf
  • The Battle of the Coral Sea

Question 5 Photo

Which battle was the biggest tank battle of World War II?

  • Battle of the Bulge
  • Battle of El Alamein
  • Battle of Kursk

Question 6 Photo

Canada fell under British control after which battle of the seven years war?

  • Battle of the Plains of Abraham
  • Battle of Fort Bull
  • Battle of Beausejou

Question 7 Photo

The site of the battle of 'Koniggratz' in 1866 is now in which country?

  • Czech Republic
  • Poland
  • Austria

Question 8 Photo

After which major battle did the French leave Vietnam?

  • Battle of Dien Bien Phu
  • The Battle of Route Coloniale 4
  • Battle of Dong Ha

Question 9 Photo

What was the first major land conflict of the 1982 Falklands War?

  • Mount Tumbledown
  • Mount Harriet
  • Goose Green

Question 10 Photo

At which WWI battle did the Germans use poison gas (chlorine) for the first time?

  • Battle of Vimy Ridge
  • Second Battle of Ypres
  • Battle of the Somme