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Testing your knowledge of Generals. 12 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Opened in 1999, the Burj Al Arab Hotel is now the worlds only hotel to offer which of these three options?

  • Hotel with its own private airport
  • The only 7 Star Hotel in the World.
  • The only hotel with a £1million per night room


What is Gene Cernan's claim to fame?

  • He was the last man to walk on the moon
  • He devised the system known as Income Tax
  • He shot US President James Garfield


What is said to be roughly 4000 miles long and covers much of Southern Europe, stretching from Northern Italy, across to the Northern coast of Spain?

  • A hole in the ozone layer
  • A huge supercolony of billions of ants
  • The new EuroSuperStrada fast link road

Question 4 Photo

Pink Floyd's album "Dark Side of the Moon" stayed in the US Billboard top 200 for how long?

  • 4 years
  • 9 years
  • 14 years


Which World City is 2011's most dangerous city to live in?

  • Karachi, Pakistan
  • Vientienne, Laos
  • Bogota, Colombia

Question 6 Photo

What did this gentleman invent back in 1876?

  • the Machine Gun - it is Henry Gatling
  • the Periodic Table - it is Dmitri Mendeleev
  • the Telephone - it is Alexander Graham-Bell


Roughly how many babies are born worldwide every minute?

  • 12
  • 200
  • 600


How many shots were recorded in the longest official tennis rally?

  • 201
  • 2001
  • 5001


Which country is the Cockfighting centre of the world with around 5 million roosters primed and ready?

  • Japan
  • Philippines
  • Russia


President Teddy Roosevelt died of what?

  • Choked on a chicken bone
  • An infected tooth
  • Shot by his labrador

Question 11 Photo

The photograph shows a road/street in London that is used in the original UK version of Monopoly. Do you know which one it is?

  • Bow Street
  • Bond Street
  • The Strand

Question 12 Photo

What animal is shown in the photo below?

  • River Otter
  • Mongoose
  • Meerkat