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Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll Quiz

How Much Do You Know About Indie Rock & Roll Bands? 10 Questions.

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The Killers are a famous indie/rock band, But where are they from?

  • Sussex, United Kindom
  • Dundee, Scotland
  • Las Vegas, United States

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The Arctic Monkeys are a British band from Sheffield, but which of these are not one of their songs?

  • Suck It And See
  • Cromerstone
  • Dangerous Animals

Question 3 Photo

The Foo Fighters are a well known, rock band. But which of their members was also in Nirvana?

  • Pat Smear
  • Nate Mendel
  • Dave Grohl

Question 4 Photo

Kasabian are an odd rock band.. But which of these are not one of their songs?

  • Shoot The Runner
  • Swichblade Smiles
  • Wasting Light

Question 5 Photo

In 2011 Kaiser Chiefs did a HUGE gig in their home town- Leeds. Where was it held?

  • Kirkstall Abbey
  • Cliffs Pavillion
  • Leeds Stadium

Question 6 Photo

Franz Ferdinand are an indie band from Scotland. Which of these songs was not on their first album- Franz Ferdinand?

  • Take Me Out
  • No You Girls
  • Dark of the Matinee

Question 7 Photo

Blur, are an old indie rock band. But when was the album 'Parklife' released?

  • 1993
  • 1995
  • 1994

Question 8 Photo

The Automatic are (another) indie rock band. What album was 'Monster' on?

  • Whats That Coming Over The Hill?
  • Not Accepted Anywhere
  • The Automatic

Question 9 Photo

Arctic Monkeys Alex Turner is in another band! But what are they called?

  • Last Of The Shadow Puppets
  • Origin Of Symmetry
  • Lap Of Honor

Question 10 Photo

Muse are a rock band from Devon. Put in order of release date (Oldest first), these 4 albums.

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  • Absolution
  • Origin Of Symmetry
  • Manic Deppresion
  • Black holes and Revelations