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What do these people have in common?

Identify the people and find the link between them. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Who worked as an architect and watercolourist and was briefly arrested as a German spy in 1915?

  • Buckminster Fuller
  • Charles Rennie Mackintosh
  • David Adler

Question 2 Photo

Which singer/songwriter is also known as an activist and humanitarian ambassador?

  • Katey Sagal
  • Annie Lennox
  • Kathleen Turner

Question 3 Photo

An Ambassador of the Royal National Children's Foundation, who has played tubular bells on "Zing Zillas" and in the Grouchkateer Trash Band on "Sesame Street"?

  • Evelyn Glennie
  • Bjork
  • Shania Twain

Question 4 Photo

Which football player/manager received an OBE in 1974 and died from a heart attack in 1981?

  • Bob Paisley
  • Matt Busby
  • Bill Shankly

Question 5 Photo

Estonia has a bronze statue of which actor in it's capital city?

  • Peter Ustinov
  • Orson Welles
  • Sean Connery

Question 6 Photo

Which actor appeared in the music video for "Little By Little" by Oasis and is the patron of "School For Life Romania"?

  • Rhys Ifans
  • Robert Carlyle
  • Ralph Macchio

Question 7 Photo

Which author/broadcaster studied Archaeology at Glasgow University and is patron of the Association of Lighthouse Keepers?

  • Nicholas Sparks
  • Dennis Lehane
  • Neil Oliver

Question 8 Photo

Which fashion designer has collaborated with Versace and designed costumes for Kylie Minogue videos?

  • Christopher Kane
  • Christopher Bailey
  • Christian Siriano

Question 9 Photo

Which Olympic athlete also played international rugby union and worked as a missionary?

  • David Burghley
  • Harold Abrahams
  • Eric Liddell

Question 10 Photo

What fact links all the people described in the previous nine questions?

  • They are all star sign Scorpio
  • They are all Scottish
  • They are all quiz champions