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What have the Romans ever done for us?

Reminisce a while as we listen in on the Judean Peoples Front..........no, I mean the Peoples Front of Judea. 10 Questions.

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(Based on a scene in "The Life of Brian") The JPF have a meeting and Reg poses the question. "The Romans have taken everything from us and what have we got in return?" What is shouted in reply?

  • The Precinct
  • The Bus Lanes
  • The Aquaduct

Question 2 Photo

Reg continues."What? Oh yeah, they gave us that."What is shouted out next? (based on a scene in "the Life of Brian")

  • And the Sanitation.
  • And the Forum
  • And the library


"Yeah, Reg, remember what it used to be like?""Okay, I'll grant you the aquaducts and the sanitation"What is added to the list next? (based on a scene in "the Life of Brian")

  • "And the roads"
  • "And the parks"
  • "And the shops"


"Oh yeah, OBVIOUSLY the roads, that goes without saying. But, apart from the aquaduct, the sanitation and the roads?"What's next? (taken from "The Life of Brian")

  • "and the gymnasium"
  • "Irrigation"
  • "Nice tiles"


(Taken from a scene in "The Life of Brian") Reg continues. "But apart from that........."Three more are added but which three?

  • Schools, pavements, houses"
  • "Hygiene, councils, gladiators"
  • "Medicine, education, health"


"Yeah, all right, fair enough". Reg is mellowing but there is more.(Based on a scene from "the Life of Brian")

  • And their pets
  • And the wine
  • And their manners


Yeah, we'd really miss the wine if the Romans left, Reg.What does a PFJ member shout out next? (taken from "the Life of Brian")

  • Public baths and it's safe to walk the streets at night.
  • Public toilets and it's much less smelly than before.
  • Public houses where we can all get smashfaced.


What was it said that the Romans could keep?(based on a scene in "the Life of Brian")

  • The Romans can keep on coming back
  • The Romans can keep their noses out
  • The Romans can keep order

Question 9 Photo

"All right ... but apart from sanitation, medicine and education, irrigation and public health, roads and freshwater and baths and public order ... what HAVE the Romans ever done for US?" ( LofB)

  • Brought peace
  • Hmmmmm, tricky one, Reg.
  • Introduced us to broccoli

Question 10 Photo

(based on a scene taken from "the Life of Brian")And finally, according to his Mother, Brian was not the Messiah, he was what?

  • In a bucketload of trouble
  • A very naughty boy
  • A spy for the JPF.