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Battles of the American Revolutionary War

Some facts regarding important battles of the American Revolutionary War. A war that gave birth to a new nation. 8 Questions.

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The ______ were the first military engagements of the American Revolutionary War between the British and the Continental Army?

  • Siege of Boston and Gunpowder Incident
  • Battles of Fort Cumberland and Fort Washington
  • Battles of Lexington and Concord


The _______ was the first major defeat of the war for the Americans, and it was very costly because General Richard Montgomery was killed, Benedict Arnold was wounded, and Daniel Morgan was captured?

  • Battle of Kemp's Landing
  • Battle of Quebec
  • Siege of Fort St. Jean


The ______ won by the Continental Army was significantly important because it boosted the Continental Army's flagging morale, and inspired re-enlistments?

  • Battle of Trenton
  • Battle of White Plains
  • Battle of Long Island


The _______ was a decisive victory for the British, and left Philadelphia (Continental capital) undefended that in a fortnight it was captured by the British?

  • Battle of Setauket
  • Battle of Germantown
  • Battle of the Brandywine


The _______ improved the military reputations of General George Washington, Lafayette and Anthony Wayne, but ended the career of Charles Lee?

  • Battle of Monmouth
  • Battle of Barren Hill
  • Battle of Rhode Island


The ______ was a major victory for the British in the Southern Theater of the American Revolutionary War because it strengthen the British hold on the Carolinas?

  • Battle of Charlotte
  • Battle of Camden
  • Battle of Pekowee


The _______ was a decisive victory for the American forces in the Southern Campaign of the war because it was a turning point in the retaken of the Carolinas from the British?

  • Battle of Cowpens
  • Battle of Cowan's Ford
  • Battle of Groton Heights


The ______ was a decisive victory by a combined American and French forces that it was proved to be the last major land battle of the American Revolutionary War in North America?

  • Battle of Johntown
  • Battle of Jersey
  • Battle of Yorktown