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Battles of WW1.

Important battles of The First World War. 10 Questions.

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The _______ was the first battle of WW1?

  • Battle of Liege
  • Battle of the Ardennes
  • Battle of Charleroi


The ______ was an attempt by the French to recovered the Province of Alsace that was lost during the France-Prussian war?

  • Battle of Lorraine
  • Battle of Mulhouse
  • Battle of St. Quentin


The _____ was one of the major British offensives mounted on the Western Front in 1915?

  • Battle of Neuve Chapelle
  • Battle of Le Cateau
  • Battle of Loos


The _______ was fought between the German and French armies on hilly terrain in North-Eastern France?

  • Battle of the Somme
  • Battle of Ginchy
  • Battle of Verdun


The ________ promised as the assault that would end WW1 fighting within 48hrs?

  • Nivelle Offensive
  • Battle of Messines
  • Battle of Fromelles


The ______ was for the US the biggest battle since Appomattox, and the most substantial engagement that American troops had ever encountered with a foreign enemy?

  • Battle of Lys
  • Battle of Belleau Wood
  • Battle of Cantigny


The ______ was the opening phase of the Allied offensive that ultimately led to the end of WW1?

  • Battle of Amiens
  • Second Battle of the Somme
  • Battle of Epehy


The _____ was the opening battle of WW1 on the Eastern Front?

  • Battle of Tannenberg
  • Battle of Lodz
  • Battle of Stalluponen


The _______ was part of the Caucasus Campaign of WW1 between the Russian Empire and the Ottoman Empire?

  • Battle of Lys
  • Battle of Koprukoy
  • Battle of Galicia


The ________ was a British naval victory over the Imperial German Navy of WW1 in the South Atlantic?

  • Battle of Dover Strait
  • Battle of Dogger Bank
  • Battle of the Falkland Islands