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The Wives of King Henry VIII

Ten questions about Henry's six wives. 10 Questions.

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Which of Catherine of Aragon's sisters was married to Philip The Handsome and was said to be mad?

  • Maria
  • Isabella
  • Juana


Which of the following was not one of Anne Boleyn's siblings?

  • George
  • Elizabeth
  • Mary


Why is it said that Anne Boleyn wore long sleeves on her gowns which covered her hands?

  • She didn't like the cold in the castles and palaces in England
  • It was the fashion in the French Court where she had lived for several years
  • She had a sixth finger on one hand which could be considered a sign that she was a witch


Which of Henry's wives was the mother of his son, Edward?

  • Jane Seymour
  • Anne Boleyn
  • Catherine of Aragon


When Henry decided that he could not stand to be married to Anne of Cleves, what happened to her?

  • She remained in England as Henry's "Most beloved Sister" and outlived him by several years
  • She returned to Cleves and later married a son of The Holy Roman Emperor
  • She went to France where she married the recently widowed King


What religion was Anne of Cleves?

  • Catholic
  • Lutheran
  • Protestant


What was the name of the man that Catherine Howard was having an affair with while she was married to Henry VIII?

  • Francis Dereham
  • Henry Knox
  • Thomas Culpepper


What was the name of Jane Seymour's ancestral home?

  • Wolf Hall
  • Hever Castle
  • Warwick Castle


Catherine Parr incurred Henry's wrath regarding religious matters. What happened to her because of this?

  • She was beheaded
  • She begged Henry for forgiveness which he gave her
  • Henry divorced her


What is believed to have been the cause of death of Jane Seymour?

  • Puerperal Fever
  • The Sweat
  • Small Pox