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Who lives in a house like this?

In the style of the TV program use the clues to work out who lives in the house. 10 Questions.

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The house is a unique underground dome,one of the house members has left a big handbag and they seem to eat toast and custard.Who lives in a house like this?

  • The Flumps
  • The Smurfs
  • The Teletubbies


This house is in Barbados,Piers Morgan recently visited the owner to interview him and there is a tennis court on the grounds.Who lives in a house like this?

  • Cliff Richards
  • Alan Sugar
  • Rod Stewart


This house was built in 1578 near Salisbury,the owner runs an organic farm from the estate and there is a trantric sex manual on the table.Who lives in a house like this?

  • Midge ure
  • Madonna
  • Sting


This house has a shiney black front door,around three hundred years old and frequently changes hands.Who lives in a house like this?

  • The Prime Minister
  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • The Queen


This house has the largest private garden in London,they seem to like beagle dogs and soldiers guard the outside.Who lives in a house like this?

  • Julian Clary
  • Elton John
  • The Queen


This is a council flat,there are boxes of betamax video recorders all around and a sex dolls filled with explosive gas.Who lives in a house like this?

  • The Beales
  • Frank Gallagher
  • The Trotters


This house was previously a council-owned children's home,there is a little black dress hung up and 115 England football caps on display.Who lives in a house like this?

  • The Beckhams
  • The Redknapps
  • The Coles


This house is in Texas,it is on a ranch and has a great shower in it.Who lives in a house like this?

  • The Waltons
  • The Ewings
  • The Ingles


This house looked great untill the bath fell through the floor,the main staircase collapses and the owner says "were living in Swiss cheese".Who lives in a house like this?

  • Walter Fielding & Anna Crowley
  • Rick Gassko & Debbie Thompson
  • Jo Banks & dede


This house is rather grand,the address is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington D.C and is painted bright white.Who lives in a house like this?

  • Bill Gates
  • Bill Pulman
  • The US President