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Weird & Paranormal Phenomena 2

A quiz on the genuinely weird! 15 Questions.

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What is the Damanha community?

  • A new-age community that communicates with plants
  • An experimental colony of monks on mars
  • A religious cult that is in contact with aliens


In January 1975, four soldiers travelling in Spain saw four UFOs in the early morning sky. What did the army say?

  • The four soldiers were trying to fein madness to get discharged from the army
  • They were too big a risk to their comrades as the aliens might be looking for them in particular
  • They were overtired


In Tibetan Buddhist literature what are the Das-lok?

  • Premonition of death
  • Writings by those returned from the dead
  • Visions of ghosts


A midwife delivered 3 baby girls on Friday 13th to 3 different mothers in the Okefenokee swamp region in Georgia. What did she accurately predict?

  • That one child would die before her 16th birthday, another before her 21st and the third before her 23rd
  • That each would have an affair with a US President
  • That each would mysteriously disappear on her 13th birthday


What happened to Victor Greyson, a former MP, one August day in 1920 during his journey from Liverpool to Hull?

  • He died from food poisoning
  • He disappeared without a trace
  • He spontaneously combusted


When was the first documented case of a child being reared by wolves?

  • 50BC
  • 1344
  • 1862


What healed Sergeant Bob Mann's hand after he cut it badly on a machete in East Malaysia in 1944, and nearly lost it due to gangrene?

  • Moss
  • A leech
  • A mixture of snake's flesh, wild herbs and animal bones


What was unusual about a baby boy born in St Urbain, France, in 1869?

  • He had what seemed to be a small stunted pair of wings
  • Rays of light seemed to shine from him, and gave off shocks to anyone who touched him
  • He behaved like a dog, growling and barking


What did Kenneth Arnold believe UFOs to be?

  • Unknown creatures that live in the upper atmosphere that can change their density and appearance
  • Creatures who live beneath the surface of the earth that encase themselves in metal to enter into the atmosphere
  • Messengers of God


In January 1982, the Newman family of Sheffield awoke to the now familiar sound of a poltergeist running through their home making banging sounds. What was unusual about this night?

  • Percussive Afro-Cuban rhythms were also heard
  • Dark green handprints appeared on the walls then disappeared
  • The flat was on fire - the poltergeist saved their lives


What is the Sidonia region of Mars famous for?

  • Radio signals thought to be attempts at communication by aliens come from this area
  • The site of the first Mars landing
  • A rock formation that looks like a face


Monsieur Collini clamed that a UFO landed in his garden in Trans-en-Provence on 8th Febuary 1981. What evidence did Gendarmes find in his garden?

  • His collection of gnomes had been turned into a fine white powder
  • The soil had been heated to a temperature of between 300-600 degrees centigrade
  • Where he had been standing his shadow had been burned into the ground


Which famous ghost haunts Raynham Hall in England?

  • The Brown Lady
  • Casper
  • The Black Dog of the Moors


Two aliens were spotted in Villa Santina, Italy, by Prof. Johannis in 1947. What characteristics did he notice?

  • Short arms and heads like hammerhead sharks
  • Eight fingers on each hand and gill-like mouths
  • Shiny metallic jumpsuits and heads the size of potatoes


The will-o'-the-wisp, refers to the ghostly lights sometimes seen at night or twilight often over bogs. It looks like a flickering lamp. What is the Latin name for it?

  • Lumini Mendes - meaning "Light Thought"
  • Ignis Fatuus - meaning "Foolish Fire"
  • Nex Incendia - meaning "Death Fire"