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Weird & Paranormal Phenomena

A quiz about weird and unexplained events... 15 Questions.

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Frank McKinstry of Joplin, Missouri, had to keep moving because...

  • He believed a giant chicken was after him
  • His heart needed external motion to keep beating
  • He somehow generated so much static he'd stick fast to things


Swede Friedrich Jurgenson recorded birdsong in the countryside. On playing back the recording there was a Norwegian voice talking about...

  • The lifestyle of the birds
  • Viking blood-letting rituals
  • A 19th century murderess


What was so surprising about the 16th century Turkish maps of Queen Maud's Land, Antartica?

  • They showed depictions of creatures similar to Dinosaurs
  • They showed Antartica connected to South America via a wide isthmus
  • They showed the shape of the coastline under the ice-cap way before it was mapped by sonic readings


Mr & Mrs Trent of Oregon took photos of an alien craft in May 1950. Soon after the local paper printed the photos, who did Mr & Mrs Trent claim arrived on their doorstep?

  • The President
  • Two men in black from the FBI
  • The aliens themselves


What sparked off spooks at the Kings Head Pub in Staplehurst, Kent?

  • The removal of the ancient creaky pub sign
  • The removal of a tombstone from outside the Gents toilets
  • The removal of a suit of armour propped up at the bar


What scam did Ken Rogers come up with to confuse his alien abductors?

  • He painted dots on his chest with a marker pen
  • He pretended to be a chicken
  • He covered his hand in lighter fluid and lit it


What is a changeling?

  • A child with unpredictable behaviour, thought to be due to alien influence
  • A fairy child which has been swapped for a human one
  • A creature capable of changing it appearence


How did Kenneth Arnold describe the flight path of the bright UFO he spotted in 1947?

  • Like the tail of a Chinese kite blowing in the wind
  • Like the neon cigar in a tobacconist's window
  • Like a pebble skimming over a pond


In 1986 a Brazilian fisherman died near the Amazonian city of Belem when...

  • He was attacked by an undiscovered tribe of native women
  • He spontaniously combusted whilst skinnydipping
  • Whilst he was yawning, a small fish jumped from the river and into his mouth causing him to choke to death


Antonio Villas-Boas claimed to have had sex with a beautiful alien in 1957. How did she respond?

  • She barked like a dog
  • Beams of light came out of her eyes
  • Her head started to hum and vibrate


The Philadelphia Experiment was a naval experiment in radar invisibility. What mysterious side-effect did it achieve?

  • it created 'ghosts' on the radar
  • it made objects vanish completely and irretrievably
  • The teleportation of a battleship over 600km


In 1954 Daniel Fry had a close encounter with an alien in New Mexico. How did Fry come to refer to the alien?

  • Bingo
  • Alan
  • Susan


The word 'occult' comes from the Latin for...

  • To hide
  • To see
  • To occupy


Why was Brian Williams nicknamed 'Flash Gordon' in 1952?

  • He recieved therapy on TV for his exhibitionist tendencies
  • He was struck by lightening during TV coverage of the Derby
  • He could light bulbs just by rubbing them with his hand


What is DC-9 air hostess Vesna Vulovic's claim to fame?

  • She flew the plane to safety after the pilot died of a heart attack
  • She safely delivered sextuplets at 30,000ft
  • She survived a fall of 33,330ft when the plane blew up in mid-air