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What was my birth name ?

A quick quiz to guess the celebrities birth names 18 Questions.

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My screen name was Cary Grant but what was my birth name?

  • Alexander Archibald Leach
  • Archibald Alexander Leach
  • Archibald Graham Leach


You know me as Barry Manilow , what was my birth name?

  • John Barry Mincus
  • Barry Alan Fincus
  • Barry Alan Pincus


I was Mrs Robinson in the Graduate my stage name was Bancroft but what was my birth name?

  • Maria Anna italiano
  • Anna Maria Italiano
  • Lourdes Maria Anna Italiano


I have played many parts Ghandi being the most famous , but what was my birth name?

  • Benjamin Krishna
  • Krishna Banjii
  • Ben Kingsley


I am known mainly for my singing , my most memorable song is White Christmas , what was my birth name?

  • Harry Lillis Crosby
  • Larry Hiram Crosby
  • Arthur Harry Crosby


I had you all tapping your toes when I sang Mac the Knife , I got the idea for my name from a Chinese restaurant, what was my birth name?

  • Waldren Ronald Caruso
  • Walden Robert Cassotto
  • Robert Waldon Canoletto


I was in many horror films my screen name was Boris Karloff , what was my birth name?

  • William Henry Pratt
  • Henry Wallice Pinker
  • Harry Walter Plunkett


I am the lead in two and a half men both my brother and my father are actors , what was my birth name?

  • Charles Esteves
  • Erwin Charles Sheen
  • Carlos Erwin Estevez


I love dancing and play a pretty good game of Russian roulette..I was the King of New York . What was my birth name?

  • Ronald Walken
  • Christopher Walken
  • Charles Walken


I was part of the original rat pack , I sang That's Amore .What was my birth name?

  • Dino Crottecci
  • Dino Crocetti
  • Deano Crocetti


My screen name was Edward G Robinson .What was my birth name?

  • Emmanuel Goldenburg
  • Hisham Goldenberg
  • Emmanuel Greenberg


My screen name was John Wayne but what was my birth name?

  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Marion Morrison
  • Marrion Masnson


I Played Spartacus my screen name is Kirk Douglas . What was my birth name ?

  • Daniel Ivanovitch
  • Gregor Danislovitch
  • Issur Danislovitch


My screen name is Micky Rooney .What was my birth name?

  • Joe Yule iv
  • Joe Yule Jr
  • Joseph Yule ii


I was in National Treasure and I left Las Vegas I was also a Bad Lieutenant , What is my birth name?

  • Nicolas Coppola
  • Nicholas Copolla
  • Nicolas Copolla


I am the screen siren Rita Hayworth . What was my birth name?

  • Rosita Casono
  • Margarita Cansino
  • Margaritta Canseno


Oliver Hardy was my partner for many years , you know my stage name .What was my birth name?

  • Geoffrey Arthur
  • Arthur Jefferson
  • Jefferson Arthur


I am taller on screen than in reality. I married Katie Holmes and we have a daughter. What is my birth name?

  • Tomas Mapother ii
  • Thomas Mapother iv
  • Thomas Mapother x