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Peak District

The Peak District has been described as "just a stones throw from everywhere in the United Kingdom". How well do you know it? 8 Questions.

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Where did a secret meeting plan the downfall of King James 2nd?

  • The Devonshire Dome at Buxton
  • Pack Horse Inn at New Mills
  • The Cock and Magpie Alehouse in Chesterfield


The Peak District has many fine natural features. Britain's first National Park is within its borders. Can you name it?

  • Peak District National Park
  • Pennine Way National Park
  • Right of Way National Park


Can you put these Peak District peaks into their height order, starting with the tallest?

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  • Grinndslow Knoll
  • Featherbed Top
  • Kinder Scout
  • Mam Tor


Chatsworth is the home of the...

  • ....Duke and Duchess of Cranford
  • ....Duke and Duchess of Devonshire
  • ....Duke and Duchess of Creswell


How many miles of "Rights of Way" can be found in the Peak District?

  • 567
  • 1,867
  • 3,567


There are many pretty towns and villages in The Peak District, but which of the following is not one of them?

  • Leek
  • Osmaston
  • Babbacombe


Calke Abbey is the second largest building in Derbyshire (after Chatsworth House). It was built for Sir John Harrop, but in which year?

  • 1603
  • 1653
  • 1703


Bess of Hardwich rose from humble beginnings to amass great wealth. How did she do this?

  • By creating the famous "Bakewell Pudding"
  • By marrying 4 times and outliving all her husbands
  • By creating "Marmite"