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Final Destination 1, 2, 3 & 4

Questions about the deaths, characters, and other things to do with the films... 20 Questions.

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What is the flight number in the movie 'Final Destination'?

  • B26-00
  • Amerifly 100
  • Flight 180


In Final Destination, after the premonition of the plane crash comes true, who is the first survivor to die?

  • Todd Waggner
  • Carter Horton
  • Terry Chaney


In Final Destination, who's name does Carter try to engrave onto the school memorial?

  • His friend
  • His girlfriend
  • His teacher


In Final Destination, who has the premonition of the plane crash?

  • Clear Rivers
  • Alex Browning
  • Valerie Lewton


In Final Destination, how does Valerie Lewton die? (hint:- all contribute to her death but which one kills her?)

  • A shard of glass stabs her throat from her computer
  • Her house explodes
  • A knife falls on her


In Final Destination 2, which survivior from the first film dies?

  • Alex Browning
  • Thomas Burke
  • Clear Rivers


In Final Destination 2, the characters realise that they are only alive because the flight 180 survivors got off the plane. How would Kat have died if Terry Chaney never got off the plane?

  • She would have been shot
  • She would have suffocated in a B&B
  • She would have got hit by a bus


In Final Destination 2, which flight 180 survivors' death saved Kimberly?

  • Tod Waggner
  • Alex Browning
  • Billy Hitchcock


In Final Destination 2, how does Evan Lewis die?

  • In a fire
  • A ladder fell into his eye
  • A microwave electrocuted him


In Final Destination 3, who has the vision of the rollercoaster crash?

  • Wendy
  • Ashley
  • Erin


In Final Destination 3, from the clue in the picture, how does Wendy think Franky will initially die?

  • Hanging (rope ladder in the picture)
  • A truck (his necklace symbol)
  • Drowning


In Final Destination 3, how does Lewis die?

  • A cherry picker collapses on him
  • An engine fan slices his head
  • A weight lifting machine sandwhiches his head


In Final Destination 3, after looking at the photos, Wendy realises that they have clues of how the next person will die. What clue in Wendy's picture shows how she will die?

  • A poster of a train
  • Ian McKinley is standing behind her
  • She is wearing a McKinley T-Shirt


In Final Destination 3, how does Wendy actually die?

  • In a subway crash
  • A firework explodes into her
  • A lorry crashes into her car


In Final Destination 3, going by the order people were sitting on the rollercoaster, who should have died after Erin?

  • Perry
  • Julie
  • Kevin


In Final Destination 3, what was the name of the rollercoaster Wendy and her friends went on?

  • Grim Reaper
  • Devil's Flight
  • Dead 180


For Each Final Destination film, match the character who has the permonition to the correct film.

Drag items from right column to match with left column


  • Alex Browning
  • Wendy Christensen
  • Nick O'Bannon
  • Kimberly Corman


  • Final Destination 2
  • Final Destination 3
  • The Final Destination
  • Final Destination


In The Final Destination, Nick has a premonition to do with water, meanwhile Hunt is at a swimming pool and Janet is at a car wash. Who's going to die?

  • Hunt
  • Janet
  • Both


In The Final Destination, Nick has a premonition of a snake and a sword which comes true, resulting in the death of George. What is the premonition a warning of?

  • A hospital
  • An ambulance
  • A speedway


In The movie 'Final Destination', at the end, Nick, Janet and Lori are sitting in a cafe where they die. What is the name of the cafe?

  • Caffeine Coma
  • Death By Caffeine
  • 180 Cups