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Brother's Grimm Fairy Tales

A quiz about the Brothers Grimm and the fairy stories they collected. 20 Questions.

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The authors of "The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales," Jacob and Willhelm Grimm were born and lived in what country?

  • England
  • Denmark
  • Germany


The majority of "The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales" were told to the Brothers Grimm by a person who knew literally hundreds by heart, Who was this person?

  • Their grandmother
  • A shepherdess named Katerina Weimann
  • A shoemaker named Hans Gutenberg


In the popular "The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales", Snow White, what was the original fate of the wicked stepmother?

  • Dancing in hot shoes until she died.
  • Falling from a cliff to her death.
  • Drowning in a lake built by the dwarves.


In which "The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales" does a shallow princess pay for judging her suitor by his facial hair?

  • The Gallant Tailor
  • King Thrushbeard
  • Prince Scruffchin


In the "Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales" called "The Golden Bird," the fox admonishes the traveling son to capture the golden bird and place it in what?

  • A plain wooden cage
  • A golden cage
  • A cage having 3 emeralds, 2 rubies, and a diamond


What is the name of the talking horse in "The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales" titled "The Goose Girl"?

  • Fafnir
  • Falada
  • Gringolet


In the original " The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales" of Cinderella, the two stepsisters possessed what traits?

  • Ugly and stupid
  • Lovely and kind-hearted
  • Beautiful and evil


The young man in the "The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales" called "The Youth Who Could Not Shiver and Shake," finally learned how to shiver and shake when what happened?

  • His dead cousin tried to kill him.
  • Half of a man's body tumbled down the chimney.
  • The princess dumped a bucket of fish on his head.


In "The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales" titled "The Shoes that were Danced to Pieces", the raggedy soldier marries which of the king's twelve daughers?

  • The youngest because she was the prettiest.
  • The one who could dance the best.
  • The oldest.


In the "The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales" called "The Singing Soaring Lark" what type of animal do the bewitched prince and his court become during the day?

  • Doves
  • Lions
  • Donkeys


In one of "The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales," stories what is the name of the tiny, mysterious man who assisted a maiden in spinning straw into gold?

  • Rumpelpigskin
  • Rip Van Winkle
  • Rumpelstiltskin


In which "The Brother's Grimm Fairy Tales," does an evil dwarf turn a prince into a bear?

  • The Bearskin
  • Snow White and Rose Red
  • The Twin Brothers


The prince's faithful servant Henry is distraught when his master is turned into a frog in "The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales" story called "The Frog Prince," What does Henry do to control his grief?

  • He finds another prince to work for.
  • Binds iron bands around his heart so it won't break.
  • Cries a pond of tears for the prince to swim in.


In the "The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales" story known as "The Shoemaker and the Elves", the shoemaker's elves work in his shop and don't leave until what?

  • He refuses to pay them.
  • His wife gives them new clothes.
  • They get bored.


The "The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales" character of Mother Hulda, who lives in the sky, is credited with making it snow when she does what?

  • Sweeps her floors.
  • Shakes out her bedclothes.
  • Bakes cookies.


The honest woodcutter in one of the "The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales" stories proves his integrity to whom?

  • A witch.
  • A water pixie.
  • A mermaid.


In a well-known "The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales", Little Red Riding Hood leaves home to do what?

  • Bring food to her sick grandmother.
  • Get away from her parents.
  • Play with the wild animals.


In the "The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales" of "Sleeping Beauty", the entire kingdom falls into sleep for one hundred years when the princess pricks her finger on what?

  • needle
  • thorn of a rose
  • spindle


When the white snake in one of the "The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales" stories is eaten, it gives power to do what?

  • Talk to animals
  • Fly
  • Both of the above


Authors of "The Brothers Grimm Tales," Jacob Grimm was how much older than his brother, Willhelm Grimm?

  • One year older.
  • Two years older.
  • Jacob was younger than him.