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The Weird One

Trivia about the great parody artist, Weird Al Yankovic. 10 Questions.

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Weird Al Yankovic was talking about what song and artist when he sang, "It's hard to bargle nawdle zouss with all these marbles in my mouth"?

  • "Once" by Pearl Jam
  • "Walk This Way" by Aerosmith
  • "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana


What did Weird Al Yankovic say was the point he was trying to make in his 11-minute song, "Albuquerque"?

  • He hates sauerkraut
  • He's incredibly smart
  • His feet stink


What was Weird Al Yankovic's first single?

  • "Another One Rides the Bus"
  • "My Bologna"
  • "I Love Rocky Road"


Mark Knopfler agreed to let Weird Al Yankovic parody what Dire Straits song only on the condition that Knopfler could play the guitar in the parody?

  • "Brothers In Arms"
  • "Sultans of Swing"
  • "Money for Nothing"


What Weezer song was featured in Weird Al Yankovic's "Polkarama!" polka medley?

  • "Beverly Hills"
  • "My Name Is Jonas"
  • "Island in the Sun"


Weird Al Yankovic appeared on a rock-and-roll themed version of "Jeopardy!" on the American network VH-1. Which of his songs played when he lost on his first appearance?

  • "Syndicated, Inc."
  • "I Can't Watch This"
  • "I Lost on Jeopardy"


Weird Al Yankovic ragged on what country artist in "Achy Breaky Song"?

  • Billy Ray Cyrus
  • Waylon Jennings
  • Garth Brooks


Which of these is the correct title of the Weird Al Yankovic song?

  • "Harry the Wonder Hamster"
  • "Harvey the Wonder Hamster"
  • "Henry the Wonder Hamster"


The video for what Weird Al Yankovic song was featured on the American TV series "Robot Chicken"?

  • "Close But No Cigar"
  • "Virus Alert"
  • "Weasel Stomping Day"


A minor controversy erupted between Weird Al Yankovic and Coolio over what song?

  • "Amish Paradise"
  • "White and Nerdy"
  • "Couch Potato"