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The Matrix

Quiz about the first movie of the trilogy 10 Questions.

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In the film 'The Matrix' which of the following characters was not a member of Morpheus' crew?

  • Switch
  • Dante
  • Apoc


In the film 'The Matrix' what is Neo's middle initial ?

  • F
  • K
  • A


In the film 'The Matrix' when Trinity first makes contact with Neo via his computer what is he told to follow ?

  • His nose
  • The white rabbit
  • His instinct


In the film 'The Matrix' what is Cypher eating when making a deal with the agents ?

  • A burger
  • A steak
  • A salad


In the film 'The Matrix' why did the first Matrix program fail ?

  • Too perfect
  • Not enough data
  • A corrupt program


In the film 'The Matrix' what is the most important thing to remember when trying to bend the spoon with your mind?

  • Constant focus
  • It is impossible
  • There is no spoon


In the film 'The Matrix' what do the rest of the crew accuse Mouse of being when he is talking to Neo about the woman in the red dress?

  • An egotist
  • A cyber pimp
  • An unbelievable geek


In the film 'The Matrix' what is the name of the company Neo works for as a day job?

  • Metacortex
  • Cerebal
  • Mentorex


In the film 'The Matrix' why is Trinity as convinced as Morpheus that Neo is 'the one' by the end of the movie?

  • He has to be
  • She loves him
  • She alway knew


In the film 'The Matrix' Agent Smith and Agent Brown are two of the agents chasing Neo what is the name of the third?

  • Agent Black
  • Agent Jones
  • Agent Carling