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Things roughly the size of Wales

Questions relating to things roughly the size of Wales. For ease, I have taken Wales to be 8000 sq miles and have a population of 3 million 10 Questions.

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Approximately how much bigger than Wales is England?

  • 3 times bigger
  • Just over 6 times bigger
  • 11 times bigger


Which European country is the nearest in terms of size to Wales?

  • Cyprus
  • Estonia
  • Belgium


Can you match up the correct sq.mile statistics with the most appropriate country?

Drag items from right column to match with left column


  • Half the size of Wales
  • 3 times bigger than Wales
  • 10 x bigger
  • 100 x bigger


  • Cape Verde
  • Austria
  • Kuwait
  • Pakistan


In terms of sq miles, how many times could Wales fit into Brazil?

  • 55
  • 243
  • 410


If Wales was a U.S. state, where would it rank in terms of size compared to the 50 existing states?

  • It would be the 33rd biggest state
  • It would be the 45th biggest state
  • It would be the 50th biggest state


The 11 o'clock show introduced a parody about 'an area the size of Wales' by stating that an earthquake in Wales had what?

  • Caused Wales to break off from England
  • Devastated an area the size of Wales
  • Had killed three whales


Which of the three statements is correct regarding the comparitive sizes of the largest English county, North Yorkshire, and Wales?

  • Wales is nearly twice the size of N Yorks
  • They are almost equal in size
  • North Yorks is twice as big as Wales


A BBC Radio 4 programme referred to a unit of measurement called the kiloWales. What might this be?

  • Just over a kilo of whales
  • an area 1000 times that of Wales
  • a village near Tredegar


What other "measure" has the radio 4 programme "More or Less" used?

  • MilliWales
  • megaWales
  • NanoWales


Which of the following is a real headline taken from news in Jan 2011?

  • Jacko's "Neverland" the same size as Wales
  • China plans city "twice the size of Wales".
  • Asteroid "the size of Wales" may hit Wales