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Hartlepool United - a quiz

"Give us an Aitch" - 10 questions to ponder. 10 Questions.

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What is Hartlepool Utd's ground called?

  • Elizabeth Stadium
  • Victoria Park
  • Camilla Ground


The Victoria Park ground has the distinction of being the only one of the 92 league grounds that............what?

  • Is owned by the local nunnery
  • Was bombed by the Germans in both World Wars
  • Has never held a competitive penalty shoot-out


Many managers have come and gone since Hartlepool Utd were formed back in 1908 but who is, without doubt, the most memorable holder of the title "Manager"?

  • Alf Ramsey
  • Brian Clough
  • Kevin Keegan


What kindly act did the club do in the 1986/87 season?

  • Let bankrupt Middlesbrough use their ground
  • Deliberately missed a wrongly-awarded penalty
  • Took up to 15 fans to away games on team coach


Which description best applies to Hartlepool Utd's current home kit (2011 )?

  • Red shirts, black shorts,
  • Blue and white striped shirts, blue shorts,
  • Yellow shirts, green shorts


In line with the famous "monkey hanging" story that has both bedevilled and publicised the town, what is the clubs mascot called?

  • Pepe the Chimp
  • Andre the Ape
  • H'Angus the Monkey


In 2002, what happened to H'Angus the Monkey, the team mascot?

  • He won the mascot race at Haydock Park
  • He was elected as Mayor of Hartlepool
  • He was sacked for swinging on the crossbar


Hartlepool and which other club share the distinction of playing the most seasons (83) without ever being promoted into the top two divisions?

  • Crewe
  • Cheltenham
  • Rochdale


During a home game with Bristol Rovers in Oct 2010, what was unusual about the Hartlepool line-up following the introduction of a loan signing in the 2nd half?

  • All 4 defenders were called Jones
  • Peter Hartley was joined by James Poole
  • Hartlepool had Laurel and Hardy at centre back


Which legendary singer's namesake is a striker currently in his 4th season with Hartlepool?

  • James Brown
  • Barry White
  • Saul "Smokey" Robinson