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Another World War 2 Quiz

A good world war 2 history quiz - you'll need more than a "video game" knowledge of ww2 to get this. 20 Questions.

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Name the fuhrer of Germany in 1939.

  • Adolf Hitler
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Hermann Goering


What event caused Britain and France (among other countries) to declare war on Germany?

  • The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.
  • The Germans invaded Russia.
  • The Germans invaded Poland.


What was the Scutzstaffel (the SS)?

  • The German Army
  • Hitler's personnal gaurd unit.
  • Super Nazi Soldiers.


What was Operation Barbarossa?

  • Germany invading Russia.
  • Germany invading France.
  • Germany attacking the British in North Africa.


What was the importance of Operation Dynamo?

  • The Allies were able surrender their armies in Europe peacefully.
  • The Allies were able to hold their ground in Europe and wait for American Reinforcements.
  • The Allies were able to pull their armies out of Europe to England.


Who were the Desert Rats?

  • Rats used as Rommel's personal messengers during his desert campaign.
  • Australian soldiers who stubbornly defended Tobruk against Rommels attacks.
  • Canadian soldiers who snuck behind enemy lines during the Battle of El Alemain.


Where did the Americans land when the invaded North Africa?

  • Libya
  • Algiers
  • Egypt


What famous battle between the United States and Japan turned the tide of the war in the Pacific theater?

  • The Battle of Hong Kong
  • The Battle of Midway
  • The Battle of the Phillipenes


Who led the British Eighth Army?

  • General Patton
  • General Cunningham
  • General Montgomery


What country did in Allies invade in mass force in 1943?

  • France
  • Italy
  • Germany


In what order did the following events occur?

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  • The Battle of Crete
  • The Battle of France
  • The Battle of Britian
  • The Battle of Kursk


What was the primary reason the Allies invaded the island of Guadalcanal?

  • To protect convoy routes
  • To capture an important General.
  • To find and defeat the Japanese navy.


How long did the Battle of Stalingrad last?

  • 2 years
  • 7 months
  • 15 days


What was the failed Allied amphibious attack that consisted mostly of Canadian troops in 1942?

  • The Battle of Juno Beach
  • The Battle of Falais
  • The Battle of Dieppe


Who was the Italian General in charge of the defence of Sicily at the time of Operation Husky?

  • Mario Roatta
  • Alfredo Guzzoni
  • Albert Kesserling


What was the First Special Service Force?

  • An elite British unit that fought during Operation Market Garden.
  • A mixed unit of Americans and Canadians who fought in Italy in France.
  • A mixed unit of British and Canadians who fought in the Pacific.


What was the Lapland war?

  • The Norwegians attacking the Soviet Union.
  • The Finnish attacking Germany.
  • The Soviet Union attacking Finland.


Hitler's final major push against the Western Allies resulted in what?

  • The Falais Pocket
  • The Battle of the Bulge
  • The Battle of Arnhen


Which French Marshal led Vichy France?

  • Henri Petain
  • Charles de Gaulle
  • Peirre Laval


Where was the peace treaty between the United States and Japan signed?

  • Tokyo
  • The USS Arizona
  • Hiroshima