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Angels Of The Sea

A few hard known facts about Whales 10 Questions.

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The Whales of our Ocean are classified as?

  • Fish
  • Mammals
  • Crustaceans


Which of these whales would be identified as a "Baleen" Whale?

  • Blue Whales
  • Sperm Whales
  • Curvier Beaked Whales


During the annual southern winter whale migration which pod of Whales are you likely to encounter at the Great Barrier Reef?

  • Killer Whales
  • Minke Whales
  • Humpback Whales


What does a Blue Whale diet consist of?

  • Krills
  • Molluscs
  • Whitebaits


Flexible necks a rare ability for whales , however two species of "white whales" can turn their heads to look at you ...they are?

  • Southern Right & Cachalot
  • Grey & Orca
  • Beluga & Narwhal


Bryde's and Sei Whales are similar in many aspects but do differ in a few ways one of them will be?

  • Bryde's has three ridges on it's head
  • Sei has two ridges on it's head
  • Bryde's has two and Sei has three ridges


What is one of the key aspect of Cetacean (whales & dolphins) Physiology?

  • They live in water but breathe air
  • They are like most fish, they don't need air
  • They can only survive without air for 3 minutes


Fin whale ,a member of the baleen whale has what distinctive feature?

  • lower dark baleen, upper white head
  • lower white baleen , upper dark head
  • lower white baleen , upper white head


What was the main reason "right whales" were hunted in greater numbers than other whales?

  • Large and slow and were found close to shore
  • Greater in numbers than other whales
  • Lived in Deep ocean and were easy targets


Majestic, Acrobatic ,Gentle giants of the sea,these whales are as gentle to humans as they are to their calves, you could never miss their spectacular Breaching!

  • The Mighty Whale Shark
  • The Mighty Humpback Whales
  • The Mighty Blue Whales