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DAILY HOT TOPIC- Prince William and Kate Middleton

A quiz about the royal couple Prince William and Kate Middleton. The engagement announced on Nov 16th, the world now awaits the wedding of the year. 10 Questions.

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Where in the world did Prince William propose to Kate Middleton?

  • India
  • Barbados
  • Kenya


At the official press conference announcing their engagement, Kate wore a beautiful blue dress by a UK based designer. She is seen in a lot of their dresses. Who is it?

  • Layla
  • Piya
  • Issa


The ring, once belonging to the late Princess Diana, consists of what two stones?

  • Sapphire and Diamond
  • Emerald and Diamond
  • Topaz and Pearl


What University did both Prince William and Kate attend, the place where they met?

  • Cambridge University
  • St. Andrews University
  • Stirling University


Which high street clothing label did Kate Middleton work for after graduating?

  • Jigsaw
  • Whistles
  • Matches


During their official interview with Sky News, it was reported Kate once had a poster of the Prince up in her room. She denied this and said the poster was of who?

  • Robbie Williams
  • A Levi jeans model
  • Brad Pitt


What did Prince William study at St. Andrews University?

  • History of Art
  • Geography
  • English Literature


When Kate marries Prince William and he is crowned King, she will be called Queen Catherine. How many Queen Catherines have there been before her in British history?

  • 3
  • 7
  • 5


Kate's parents own their successful family run mail order website, what is it called?

  • makemagichappen.co.uk
  • party4u.co.uk
  • partypieces.co.uk


What are the names of Kate's brother and sister?

  • Pippa and James
  • Lily and James
  • Poppy and Henry