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Dream Interpretation

Do you know the meaning of your dreams? 25 Questions.

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Dreaming about yourself bleeding or losing blood means:

  • Past actions have come to haunt you
  • You will be deeply hurt by a friend
  • Health problems will follow


Dreaming about having unusually large hands means:

  • You feel clumsy and insecure
  • You have success in achieving your goals
  • You have a desire to try something new


Dreaming of your knees mean:

  • You are afraid of injury
  • You are feeling very emotional
  • You feel you are on the wrong path


Dreaming of a skull means:

  • Danger and death
  • Losing someone you love
  • The end of an era


Dreaming of broken bones mean:

  • There is a weakness in your plans or thinking
  • Your body is under severe stress
  • Unexplained danger is ahead


Dreaming of anxiety means:

  • You are lacking compassion
  • Your friends will turn against you
  • You have unexpressed emotions


Dreaming about a feeling of despair means:

  • You will have many hardships
  • You have repressed potential
  • Something is being hidden from you


Dreaming of laziness means:

  • You have no motivation
  • You will make a terrible error in business
  • You have a desire to relax


Dreaming of pain means:

  • Being too harsh on yourself
  • Feeling pathetic or weak
  • Being told a terrible secret


Dreaming of suffocation means:

  • Your relationship will end bitterly
  • You need space to think
  • You are doing something against your own morals


Dreaming of eating meat means:

  • You need to re-evaluate your life
  • People are achieving what you are striving for
  • You have a struggle ahead


Dreaming of rancid bacon means:

  • Your life will go downhill
  • You will meet a forbidden situation
  • You need to take care of yourself


Dreaming of a busy airport means:

  • The desire for freedom and ambition
  • Change of travel plans
  • You feel discontent with your life


Dreaming of a grocery or convenience store means:

  • You are emotionally and mentally strained
  • You need to slow down and take a break
  • You focus on trivial aspects of life


Dreaming of a failed party means:

  • You are anxious about a current situation
  • You are unsure of your social skills
  • Your friends will betray you


Dreaming of the colour grey means:

  • Ill health, fear, confusion
  • Materialism, cheating, deceit
  • Tainted purity, superiority, imperfectness


Dreaming of the number four means:

  • Humanity
  • Physical limitations
  • Self-exploration


Dreaming of the number fifteen means:

  • The end of difficult conditions
  • Overindulgence
  • Spiritual cleaning


Dreaming of tripping up the stairs means:

  • Moving too fast in the direction of a goal
  • Stumbling or clumsiness
  • Too many thoughts on your mind


Dreaming of a teacher means:

  • Others are wasting precious time
  • Higher learning, wisdom and excelling
  • You are seeking advice, guidance and knowledge


Dreaming of forgetting about a baby means:

  • An abandoned hobby or project
  • Dependency
  • A preoccupied mind


Dreaming about being Frankenstein means:

  • You feel incapable of performing a task
  • You are unsure of your social skills
  • You do not know how to deal with a problem


Dreaming of calling someone an idiot means:

  • Making a situation more difficult than necessary
  • Questioning others' intelligence
  • Difficulties in the work place


Dreaming of being an orphan means:

  • You have a lot of love to offer people
  • You are feeling overwhelmed by people around you
  • You are afraid of losing someone you love


Dreaming that you are at a zoo means:

  • Fear of being watched
  • Loss of freedom
  • Public embarrassment