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82 Years In 300 Seconds- The Glorious History Of The FIFA World Cup Quiz

How much do you know about the world's biggest sporting event? This quiz is the ultimate test of your knowledge. 25 Questions.

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In which country was the first ever tournament held?

  • Italy
  • Uruguay
  • France


Uruguay won the first ever World Cup in 1930 on home soil. But which team was their opponent in the Final?

  • Brasil
  • Argentina
  • Italy


Which team in 1938 became the first nation to successfully defend the trophy?

  • Brasil
  • Italy
  • Uruguay


In 1958, West Germany won the World Cup for the first time, coming from 2 goals down to defeat Hungary 3-2. The match would later become known as the miracle of where?

  • Berne
  • Geneva
  • Basel


In 1958, the legendary Pele made his World Cup debut for Brasil. However, he was not the star of the tournament. Which player made history by winning the golden boot with a record 13 goals?

  • Helmut Rahn
  • Vava
  • Just Fontaine


Sweden were runners-up in 1958 on home soil, their best performance to-date. But in which edition of the World Cup was their next-best performance - A Semi-Final against 1958 opponents Brasil?

  • Mexico 1970
  • Argentina 1978
  • USA 1994


Brasil were the second and last team to retain the then Jules Rimet trophy in 1962. But in which country was the World Cup held that year?

  • Chile
  • France
  • Argentina


1966 saw a number of classic matches, but one group stage game in particular stole the show when a goal from Pak Doo-Ik sent North Korea to a famous win against which football powerhouse?

  • Brasil
  • Argentina
  • Italy


England won their first and only World Cup in 1966 defeating West Germany 4-2 in the Final. Against which team did they win the Semi-Final?

  • Soviet Union
  • Portugal
  • Argentina


England were on the way to the Semi-Finals in 1970 when they were 2-0 ahead against West Germany. But the Germans clawed back to 2-2, before an extra-time winning goal from which player?

  • Franz Beckenbaur
  • Gerd Mueller
  • Uwe Seeler


Brasil claimed their 3rd Jules Rimet win in 1970 by defeating Italy 4-1. But which player in the Final scored what is widely recognised as the greatest team-goal ever at a World Cup?

  • Carlos Alberto
  • Pele
  • Jairzinho


Gerd Mueller scored 4 goals in the 1974 Finals, but the golden boot that year went to Grzegorz Lato; a player of which nationality?

  • Polish
  • Bulgarian
  • Yugoslavian


Argentina won the tournament in 1978 on home soil. But in a crucial group game against Peru, controversy ensued when they won by which unlikely margin-the exact number needed to get to the Final?

  • 5-0
  • 6-0
  • 7-0


Italy won the World Cup for the 3rd time in 1982. Against which team did Paolo Rossi score a famous hat-trick in a crucial 2nd Group Phase 3-2 win?

  • Brasil
  • Argentina
  • France


Diego Armando Maradona scored a legendary goal against England in the 1986 Quarter-Final with an iconic slaloming run, but against which team did he score an equally fantastic goal in the Semi-Final?

  • Soviet Union
  • Poland
  • Belgium


The 1986 World Cup was hosted in Mexico for the 2nd time in 16 years. But in which country was the event scheduled to have been hosted initially, before economic troubles forced a change?

  • Columbia
  • Chile
  • Brasil


West Germany won their 3rd and last World Cup before unification in 1990, but which country made history at the tournament by becoming the first nation from Africa ever to reach the last 8?

  • Nigeria
  • Egypt
  • Cameroon


England reached the last 4 at Italia '90, but were cruelly knocked out by West Germany in a penalty shootout. Argentina awaited the victors after defeating which country in similar fashion?

  • Italy
  • Brasil
  • Netherlands


In 1994, the USA reached the last 16 on home turf for the first time. But against which team did they open their tournament, drawing the match 1-1?

  • Columbia
  • Switzerland
  • Romania


1998, France were heading for penalties in the 2nd Round vs Paraguay. But which player made history when he popped up in the 113th minute of Extra Time with the 1st ever Golden Goal at the World Cup?

  • Laurent Blanc
  • Marcel Desially
  • Lillian Thuram


The 2002 World Cup was full of surprises, one of which came in the group game between Germany and Ireland. The Germans were leading 1-0 until a dramatic stoppage-time equaliser from which player?

  • Damien Duff
  • Robbie Keane
  • Matt Holland


Brasil won the tournament for a record 5th time in 2002, leading with the "3 Rs" Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho. The golden boot race was tight, but Ronaldo edged it with how many goals?

  • 7
  • 8
  • 9


Italy surprised the world when they won in 2006 despite the corruption scandal back home. Fabio Grosso scored a famous goal in the heart-stopping Semi-Final against Germany. Who scored the other goal?

  • Andrea Pirlo
  • Alessandro Del Piero
  • Marco Matteratzi


The 2010 World Cup was won by Spain, who picked up great momentum despite losing their opening game to Switzerland. How many other times has this feat been achieved?

  • 0
  • 1
  • 2


Miroslav Klose kept up his scoring record in 2010, pulling level in the all-time list with Gerd Mueller. Only Brasillian legend Ronaldo has more goals, but on how many are the Germans tied?

  • 12
  • 13
  • 14