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Movie musicals from shows by Rogers and Hammerstein

Movies scored by Rogers & Hammerstein. These 7 musicals had the aspects of the play, dance, song, and drama combined in an integrated whole. 15 Questions.

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Which movie has the lyric: "It's Dallas to donuts."

  • "Carousel"
  • "State Fair"
  • "Oklahoma!"


Which movie's character expressed this thought, "I don't think about any man unless he's with me."

  • "Flower Drum Song"
  • "Carousel"
  • "Oklahoma!"


Which three actors appeared in the stage version as well as the "Flower Drum Song" movie?

  • Nancy Kwan, Benson Fong, James Shigeta
  • James Hong, Kam Tong, Reiko Sato
  • Miyoshi Umeki, Jack Soo, Juanita Hall


Which is the order of theatrical release for these films?

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  • "The Sound of Music"
  • "South Pacific"
  • "State Fair"
  • "Carousel"


Which performer in Oklahoma was tone deaf so the songs were edited together almost note for note from multiple recordings?

  • Charlotte Greenwood
  • Gloria Grahame
  • Rod Steiger


The cost of which film was ten times more than that of the original lavish Broadway production?

  • "The King and I"
  • "The Sound of Music"
  • "Flower Drum Song"


Which movie was presented in a format developed by the company owned by Elizabeth Taylor's husband? Todd-AO (Mike Todd)

  • "Oklahoma!"
  • "The Sound of Music"
  • "The King and I"


Which actor had to take oxygen between takes due to the loss of a lung from being a chain smoker?

  • Rod Steiger
  • Gordon MacRae
  • Yul Brynner


Which performer in a Rogers and Hammerstein musical film has career wins of an Oscar, Grammy, Tony and Emmy awards?

  • Julie Andrews
  • Deborah Kerr
  • Rita Moreno


Which performer appeared in the stage and movie versions of the musical?

  • Rita Moreno
  • Yul Brynner
  • Christopher Plummer


Which movie has a spirit observing the action for half of the film, even becoming visible to one character?

  • "Carousel"
  • "The Sound of Music"
  • "Flower Drum Song"


Liza Minnelli, Patty Duke, Mia Farrow, Kim Darby, Lesley Ann Warren, Tisha Sterling, and Sharon Tate all unsuccessfully auditioned for which movie?

  • "State Fair"
  • "Carousel"
  • "The Sound of Music"


Which movie's director had a son who married the star's daughter?

  • "Oklahoma!" Tim Zinnemann married Victoria Nelson.
  • "State Fair" Gabriel Ferrer married Debbie Boone.
  • "The Sound of Music" Robert E. Wise married Amanda Plummer.


Which two films are virtually unknown in the setting wherein the plot unfolds?

  • "State Fair" and "Oklahoma!"
  • "South Pacific" and "Flower Drum Song"
  • "The Sound of Music" and "The King and I"


Which two actors had flirtatious feelings for one another in reality?

  • Ann-Margaret and Bobby Darin in "State Fair"
  • Charmian Carr and Christopher Plummer in "The Sound of Music"
  • James Shigeta and Miyoshi Umeki "Flower Drum Song"