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A quiz about the talent show that takes over your Saturday night! With judges Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Cheryl Cole. 10 Questions.

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Who has taken over from 'This Morning' presenter Holly Willoughby to present 'The Xtra Factor' on ITV2?

  • Emma Willis
  • Konnie Huq
  • Fearne Cotton


Cast your mind back to episode 1 of 2010 auditions. Gamu was a hit with Simon Cowell saying he "really really liked" her. But what song did she do her own quirky version of?

  • Valerie
  • Halo
  • Walking on Sunshine


After an excruciatingly bad version of Duffy's 'Release Me', this contestant got through to the next round but was later kicked off due to mental health problems. What was she called?

  • Shirlena Johnson
  • Taleena Johnson
  • Charmaine Pointer


Mary Bryne stunned Cheryl Cole and guest judge Katy Perry in episode 2 of the auditions when she belted Tom Jones' hit "I who have nothing", but what supermarket is she a checkout assistant for?

  • Sainsbury's
  • Tesco
  • Iceland


Talk of the series is 16 year old Cher Lloyd who's audition stood out by singing a contemporary remix RnB song "Turn my swag on" by Keri Hilson. But which rapper is this song originally by?

  • Pharrell Williams
  • Bow Wow
  • Soulja Boy


Simon Cowell refused to take this auditionee's name seriously after his rendition of "Every step you take" in episode 3, what was this name?

  • Lightning Lee
  • Storm Lee
  • Power Lee


Best friends Abby and Lisa who "like randomly sing with each other" anihilated previous winner Shayne Ward's song 'That's my Goal' but what happened at the end of their audition?

  • Abby threw a glass of water over Simon
  • Lisa took the mic off Abby and threw it
  • Lisa was punched in the face by Abby


Remember 'Twem'? The twins who belted out a competent version of Lady Gaga's 'Let's Dance', but where in the world were they from?

  • Paris
  • Madrid
  • Marrakesh


2008 X Factor Winner Alexandra Burke entered the UK charts with her new single 'Start Without You' in September 2010 but how did she celebrate her Number 1?

  • treated herself to a new Chanel bag
  • got a new dog (pug)
  • got a new tatoo


Episode 4 saw blonde popstar Pixie Lott take the 4th judges seat but how many Top 20 hits has she had in the charts? (As of September 2010)

  • 6
  • 5
  • 4