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Even more challenging physics quiz

starting easy and progessing to hard questions. a basic knowledge of physics would help! 15 Questions.

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What is the SI unit for electric current?

  • Amp
  • Volt
  • Watt


What is the formula for potential energy on earth?

  • (1/2)mv^2
  • mgh
  • mc^2


If a galaxy is hurtling towards us will its light be?

  • Red-shifted
  • Yellow-shifted
  • Blue-shifted


Two 90-decibel sound sources are turned on at the same time. Together they create how many decibels?

  • 180
  • 90
  • 93


An insect flying down a railroad at 1 m/s collides with the windshield of an oncoming train travelling at 130km/hr, which exerts a higher force on the other?

  • The windshield on the insect
  • The insect on the windshield
  • They produce equal force


Which experiences the greatest pressure at the bottom?

  • A 10m deep, 20 km wide lake
  • A 20 m deep, 10 km wide lake
  • A 25 m deep, 1 m wide well


If you add 1 neutron to a helium nucleus what element would you end up with?

  • Lithium
  • Helium
  • Hydrogen


Leaving your fridge door open in an enclosed room will have what effect to the temperature in the room? (assuming no heat transfer in or out of the room)

  • Raise the temp
  • Lower the temp
  • Have no effect


How many electrons are found in the outer most shell of a silicon atom?

  • 3
  • 4
  • 5


A racecar driver races around a circular track with a diameter of 64m. He does only 1 lap and stops exactly at the same point he started, what is his displacement?

  • 201m
  • 3217m
  • 0m


Impulse is best related to what?

  • Change in momentum
  • Momentum
  • Change in kinetic energy


If the frequency of sound is doubled, what effect is had on the wavelength?

  • Wavelength doubles and the speed remains unchanged
  • Wavelength halves and the speed remains unchanged.
  • Wavelength is unchanged and the speed doubles.


If the earth were to suddenly stop rotating but didnt change shape, which of these would be true?

  • The weight of an object at the equator would decrease.
  • The weight of an object at the north pole would increase.
  • The weight of an object at the equator would increase.


Two coins are dropped from two different buildings. coin one falls freely for 4seconds and coin two falls freely for 8 seconds. Compared to coin one, coin two falls how much farther?

  • Twice as far
  • Four times as far
  • Sixteen times as far


If the net force on an object were doubled while at the same time the mass of the object was halved, then the acceleration of the object is what?

  • 4 times greater
  • 2 times greater
  • 1/4 as great