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DAILY HOT TOPIC- David Beckham

A quiz about one of the most famous men in the world. Footballer, model, husband of a Spice Girl and doting dad. 10 Questions.

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Where in London's East end was David Beckham born?

  • Bow
  • Leytonstone
  • Walthamstow


When he first saw his future wife Victoria Beckham, what did he say to teammate Ryan Giggs about which 'girl he liked'?

  • "The one with the bob"
  • "The one with the pout"
  • "The one with the legs"


David Beckham has his own soccer academy in America. Where is it based?

  • San Francisco
  • LA
  • Brooklyn


David and Victoria had their third son Cruz in 2005. But why did Spanish officials suggest they change the name?

  • It is illegal to give a boy a girls name in Spain
  • In Spanish it means a word for cursing
  • In Spain, it has sexual connotations


Beckham is not only known for his footballing skills but also his association with many brands. Which of these is NOT a personal sponsor of David Beckham?

  • Kellogs
  • Vodafone
  • Adidas


Which famous singer is godfather to their sons Brooklyn and Romeo?

  • Lionel Richie
  • Elton John
  • Simon Le Bon


David has an array of tattoo's and has his wife's name Victoria as one of them. But in what language is this written in?

  • Hindi
  • Arabic
  • Thai


Former Manchester United player David Beckham had which fellow teammate as his best man at his wedding to Victoria?

  • Rio Ferdinand
  • Ryan Giggs
  • Gary Neville


David Beckham has exposed in interviews, TV shows etc. his obsession with cleanliness and neatness. In 2007 he ws diagnosed with ataxophobia. What is this a phobia of?

  • Messiness
  • Disorder
  • Bad odours


Both David and Victoria Beckham were the faces of Giorgio Armani but were replaced by Cristiano Ronaldo and Megan Fox but how much was David's deal worth?

  • $50 million
  • $65 million
  • $60 million