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M - Pop Muzik

Let's reminisce awhile.....it's 31 years ago and you really did look, well, err.....anyway, here's that catchy song. 10 Questions.

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Match up the opening to the song.

Drag items from right column to match with left column


  • Radio, video
  • You're livin' in a disco
  • Let's do the milkshake
  • Try some, buy some,


  • You're selling like a hot cake
  • Fe Fie Fo Fum
  • Forget about the rat race
  • Boogie with a suitcase


Which do-be-do-be-dooo-type utterances come along next?

  • Shoobie doobie doo-wop, Pop pop sho wop
  • Doobie dada ding ding, ding a ling a ling ling
  • Scooby dooby doody, zippadiddy doody


Where is everyone talking about pop musik?

  • Leicester, Scarborough. Market Harborough
  • New York London Paris Munich
  • Munich, Tokyo, Baghdad, Cairo


"Singin in the subway, shuffle with a shoe shine" But do you recall what is asked for next?

  • "Pour me a Ginsling, I'm on the headline"
  • "Write my obituary, I'm on the headline"
  • "Fix me a Molotov, I'm on the headline"


What popular TV programme is mentioned in the lyrics?

  • Listen to the One Show, playing our song again
  • Listen to the Countdown, playing our song again
  • Listening to Eastenders, playing our song again


Which is an actual line from the lyrics?

  • De de de de de de de de deeee
  • La la la la la la la la lah
  • Ha ha ha ha ho ho ha ha haaah


"I can't get Jumping Jack, wanna hold Get Back,Moonlight Musik, .........?

  • Knick Knack Paddy Whack
  • Papering the crack
  • Triple Salchow Flick Flack


Who was "M"?

  • Belgian DJ Thierry van der Dulfinq
  • American record producer Vance Hillforth
  • British writer/producer Robin Scott


What chart success did the song have?

  • Was UK number 1 for 3 weeks
  • Got to no. 2 in UK / made no. 1 in US
  • Only popular in New York London Paris Munich


Which song kept "Pop Musik" at no. 2 in the UK?

  • Joe Dolce -"Shaddup-a-ya-face"
  • Cliff Richard - "Power to all our friends"
  • Art Garfunkel - "Bright Eyes"