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Back To The Future II

10 questions about the film Back To The Future II. 10 Questions.

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At the start of the film the Doc turns up at Martys house to tell him hes got to back to the future with him, he needs fuel so what item below does he put into the fuel tank?

  • banana skin
  • bread
  • petrol


What is the name of Biff's grandson?

  • Greg
  • Riff
  • Griff


When Marty enters the 'cafe 80's' what song is playing?

  • Thriller
  • Beat It
  • Billie Jean


When Jennifer (who was left in the alleyway and collected by the police) is taken back to her future home, how does she open the front door?

  • Using her finger print
  • The police have a swipe card
  • The front door is already open


In 'the future' where do Marty and Jennifer get married?

  • A Church
  • A Cathedral
  • The Chapel of Love


Biff steals the time machine and takes the sports almanac back to the past to give to his younger self. On what type of race does Biff win his first large amount of money using the sports almanac?

  • Horse racing
  • Baseball
  • Boxing


With Biff's growing windfall, by the time they get back to 1985, what is the clock tower used for?

  • A sports hall
  • A Casino
  • It's been demolished


While in the new 1985, do Marty and the Doc decide to go further into the future or back into the past to change the present back to how it should've been?

  • Future
  • Stay in the present and hope it all blows over
  • Past


Doc and Marty manage to retrieve the sports almanac and Marty is told to burn it while the Doc is circling him above in the Delorean, what happens?

  • The Doc lands and they both go back to 1985
  • The Almanac only has the front cover and they have to go and retrieve the full book
  • The Doc gets struck by lightning


Marty watches the Doc and the Delorean get struck by lightning and then a man turns up with a letter for Marty, but what does it say?

  • It is the Docs will ,which leaves everything to Marty
  • That the Doc is now living in the Wild West
  • That Martys under arrest