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The Hotel California

"This could be heaven or this could be hell." A dozen questions based on the classic Eagles track. 12 Questions.

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What kind of road do you feel the cool wind in your hair?

  • a ring road outside Droylsden
  • a dark desert highway
  • a back road to oblivion


Up ahead in the distance............what did you see?

  • I saw a Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • I saw a shimmering light
  • I saw a sign saying "Halt"


Your head grew heavy and your sight grew dim, You had to ........

  • stop for the night
  • take a coffee break
  • get a haircut


Put the next 4 lines in the right order.

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  • There she stood in the doorway
  • And I was thinking to myself
  • This could be heaven or this could be hell
  • I heard the mission bell


She lit up a candle and showed you the way and the voices in the corridor, you thought you heard them say...

  • Welcome to the Hilton Hotel, California
  • Welcome to the Pleasuredome
  • Welcome to the Hotel California


The girls with the Tiffany-twisted mind drove what type of car?

  • Rolls Royce
  • Bedford Rascal Soft-Top
  • Mercedes Bends


So you called up the Captain and said, ....

  • When are we going to dine
  • Please bring me my wine
  • Everything is just fine


He replied that he hadn't seen spirit like that here since when?

  • 1969
  • Last Thursday teatime
  • the vicar robbed the off licence.


"Mirrors on the *******, Pink Champagne on ice". Where were the mirrors?

  • table ,
  • ceiling,
  • belltower,


Can you line up the lyrics in the right order?

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  • but they just can't kill the beast
  • they stab it with their steely knives
  • they are gathered for the feast
  • And in the masters chambers


Complete this line:"Last thing I remember........

  • I was playing my guitar"
  • I was drowning in the lake"
  • I was running for the door"


"Relax" said the nightman, who then dropped the bombshell that we could checkout any time we liked "but..

  • the prices are ASTRONOMICAL"
  • You can NEVER LEAVE!"
  • you can't have THE BENTLEY back"