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Two Correct, One Wrong

In this quiz, two of the answers are correct, you are looking for the incorrect one. Oh, and the timelimit is horrible as well. 10 Questions.

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Which ONE of these three books by Harlan Coben has NOT been made into a film?(Pre-Production / Post-Production / Foreign Films included)

  • Deal Breaker
  • No Second Chance
  • Tell No One


Which ONE of these playing cards will NOT score you points should you win them in a trick in the game 'Hearts' ?

  • Two of Clubs
  • Queen of Spades
  • Seven of Hearts


Which ONE of these countries did NOT qualify for the FIFA World Cup 2010 tournament, held in South Africa?

  • Slovenia
  • China
  • Algeria


Which ONE of these things has NOT been an AMENDMENT to the US Constitution?

  • The right to keep and bear arms
  • Allowing the federal government to collect income tax
  • Crimes must be tried before a jury


Which ONE of these three countries has NOT won the Eurovision Song Contest since its inception?

  • Yugoslavia
  • Portugal
  • Italy


Which ONE of these Operating Systems has NOT been produced by or for Microsoft?

  • Windows CE
  • Windows NT
  • Windows DX


ONE of these three singers was NOT born as a twin, who is it?

  • Cliff Richard
  • Elvis Presley
  • Marlon Jackson


Which ONE of these three political parties does NOT hold at least a single seat in the French Government 2007-2012 term?

  • Movement for France (MPF)
  • The Greens (VEC)
  • National Front (FN)


On the London Underground transport system, ONE of these lines does NOT yet exist, which is it?

  • Waterloo and City Line
  • Victoria Line
  • Westminster Line


In Mathematics, ONE of these units of measurement is NOT used to determine angles between two lines, which is it?

  • Sections
  • Degrees
  • Radians