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All about Henry VIII Quiz

Not the greatest advert for marriage but was he a good King? 12 Questions.

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What year did Henry become King Henry VIII following the death of his father, Henry VII?

  • 1479
  • 1509
  • 1539


In his younger days, Henry has been described as ........

  • handsome and athletic
  • cruel and distant
  • ill-mannered and aggressive


As a young man, Henry has been estimated as weighing between 13 to 14 stones. How can we be sure of this?

  • Henry had a set of scales and used them frequently.
  • Henry's armour still exists so we know how big he was.
  • Photographs of Henry in his Speedo's on holiday


In later life, Henry put on weight and for much of his middle/later years, he weighed approx how much?

  • 18st
  • 22st
  • 26st


Henry famously had 6 wives. Which numbers were the unlucky ones, becoming detatched from Henry before becoming detatched from their heads.

  • Wives 1 and 4 got the chop
  • Wives 3 and 4 were beheaded
  • Wives 2 and 5 lost their heads


Jane Seymour died of septicemia following a difficult birth. This child survived and became which monarch?

  • Mary I
  • Elizabeth I
  • Edward VI


How did Henry react to Jane Seymour's untimely death?

  • He married Katherine Howard 3 weeks later
  • He was deeply affected - did not marry for 3 yrs.
  • He invaded France


6 wives produced 3 children. He also had an illegitimate child with a young mistress. Can you match up the mother with the correct child.

Drag items from right column to match with left column


  • Anne Boleyn
  • Jane Seymour
  • Catherine of Aragon
  • Elizabeth Blount


  • Elizabeth I
  • Henry Fitzroy
  • Edward VI
  • Mary I


What was the name of the flagship of the British Navy that Henry was so proud of?

  • HMS Victory
  • HMS Bellerophon
  • the Mary Rose


Apart from his 6 wives, what is Henry perhaps best remembered for?

  • He presided over the Worksop Sheepdog Trials
  • He began the English Reformation
  • His impersonation of Cardinal Wolsey


Henry died in 1547. Who's hand was he holding as he died?

  • Catherine Parr
  • a cleric
  • Bruce Forsyth


Upon Henry's death, who succeeded him to the English throne?

  • Queen Elizabeth I
  • Edward VI
  • Mary I