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TV Shows of Yesteryear

A bit of nostalgia for all those shows we know and loved! 10 Questions.

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Long before Zena, there was Wonder Woman. Apart from her superpowers, she also has three super-implements: an invisible airplane, bracelets to defect bullets, and a lasso. What does the lasso do?

  • It forces the person caught in it to tell the truth.
  • It pursues a fleeing criminal.
  • It forms a spinning protective shield round W.W. if she is attacked from all sides.


Hawaii Five-O, with its popular theme music and its catch phrase "Book 'em, Danno!" ran for twelve seasons, from 1968 to 1980. What was Danno's name?

  • Danny Williams
  • Will Daniel
  • Daniel O'Donnell


Bonanza ran for 14 seasons, chronicling the life and adventures of the widowed Ben Cartwright (Lorne Greene) and his three sons. How many wives had Ben buried?

  • three
  • two
  • one


After watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show every week for seven years,we felt right at home at TV station WJM-TV, where Mary produced the six o'clock news. What was her marital status?

  • Never married
  • Divorced
  • Widowed


The popular Bob Newhart Show starred Newhart as a psychologist who played straight man to the other characters in the show. What was the name of Bob Newhart's character in the show?

  • Robert Hartley
  • Robert Newhart
  • Hartley Roberts


M*A*S*H* … the show that needs no introduction. Who made two cameo appearances as Major Borelli, a visiting surgeon?

  • Robert Alda, Alan Alda's father.
  • Marlon Brando
  • Dr Chris Barnard, the first heart transplant surgeon


Richie and Joanie's brother Chuck was written out of Happy Days after the first few episodes. What reason was given for Chuck's disappearance?

  • None
  • He won a Rhodes scolarship and went to Oxford.
  • He joined the Marines.


Kojak's trademark lollipop made its first appearance when he lit a cigarillo, then stubbed it out and unwrapped a lollipop instead. What kind of lollipop did he eat?

  • A Tootsie Pop
  • An anonymous red one
  • A Chupa Chup


Starsky and Hutch pursued the bad guys around the streets of Bay City in Starsky's two-door red and white car nicknamed The Striped Tomato. What kind of car was it?

  • Pontiac Trans Am
  • Aston Martin
  • Jaguar Drop Nose Coupe


In Six Million Dollar Man, astronaut Steve Austin (Lee Majors) has part of his body replaced by metal and plastics, effectively becoming a cyborg with super-human powers. Which bits got rebuilt?

  • Both legs, right arm and left eye.
  • Left leg, both arms and right eye
  • Right leg, both arms, left eye