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South Park Ultimate Quiz (9th series)

How much do you know about series 9 of south park. 20 Questions.

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How much did the lock ness monster ask chef's parents for ?

  • £3.50
  • £4.50
  • £5.50


What did Mr Garrison make the school students take care of in pairs for a parenting project ?

  • A Hamster
  • A Mechanical Baby
  • An Egg


What was the chinese restaurant called in the episode 'Wing' ?

  • State Chinese
  • City Wok
  • China Town


What is weird about Kyle's brother Ike ?

  • He Doesn't Wear Clothes
  • He Speakes German
  • He Has 2 Parts To His Head


What did Kyle's dad turn into when he went for an operation in the episode 'Mrs Garrison Is Born' ?

  • A Whale
  • A Dolphin
  • A Shark


What did Kyle, Cartman, Stan and Kenny call their agency company ?

  • Super Awesome Talent Agency
  • Mega Cool Talent Agency
  • South Park Talent Agency


Why did Kyle, Stan and Kenny start ignoring Cartman and making him think he was dead ?

  • He Ate All The Skin Of The KFC Chicken
  • Cartman Went Out With Kyle's Ex Wendy
  • He Stole Kenny's Clothes


What body parts of kenny can you see when he is dressed ?

  • Eyes
  • Eyes And Mouth
  • Eyes, Mouth And Nose


Where did Kyle want to send a giant whale to ?

  • The Moon
  • The Zoo
  • China


Why did Butters have to fake his death and dress like a girl ?

  • To Get Away From His Parents
  • To Get Into An All Girls Dance Class
  • To Get Into An All Girls Sleepover


What was Randy Marsh's idea to stop random combusting of people in south park ?

  • Stay Away From Open Flames
  • To Pass Wind
  • To Stop Eating Spicy Foods


What was the MADE UP name of the whale at the sea park ?

  • Shevron
  • Shamu
  • Wilzeac


What did Randy Marsh request at the basketball match when he was a dolphin ?

  • A Toilet For Dolphins
  • Sea Food
  • A Tank Of Water To Watch The Match In


What did Kyle, Cartman, Stan and Kenny make Wing do after the cancelation of the appearence on Americain Idol ?

  • Be A Boxer
  • Do Karaoke At The Local Pub
  • Sing For Money To Get Them Home


Who did Kyle bring into the south park baseball team to make them lose ?

  • Cousin Elvin
  • Cousin Kyle
  • Ike


Who was Kyle surprisingly partnered with in the parenting egg test ?

  • Wendy
  • Cartman
  • Bebe


What level did Kenny get to in 'heaven vs hell' on the PSP before he died ?

  • Level 20
  • Level 40
  • Level 60


Who was the pitcher for the junior south park baseball team ?

  • Cartman
  • Stan
  • Kyle


What does Butters do at the talent contest ?

  • Sing And Dance
  • Magic
  • Football Freestyle


Put these in order of what Cartman does first to last to release his soul from the earth when he thought he has died ...

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  • Apologise To Everyone For Mistreating Them
  • Go To A Phycic Women For Help
  • Make Fruit Baskets For People He Annoyed
  • Save 12 Hostages From The Red Cross