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Fascinating Felines

How much do you think you know about the cat? Take this quizz and see :o) 20 Questions.

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Where do archaeologists believe the cat originated from?

  • The areas of Iran, Iraq, Istanbul, Kajama
  • The areas of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Kajama
  • The areas of Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Lebanon


Experts estimate there are.....

  • 300 million cats in households on 3 continents
  • 600 million cats in households across 6 continents
  • 200 million cats in households over 2 continents


A group of kittens is called.....

  • A coddle of kittens
  • A kindle of kittens
  • A cuteness of kittens


A group of adult cats is called....

  • A career of cats
  • A concern of cats
  • A clowder of cats


The gestation period of the cat is a maximum of.....

  • 36 days
  • 69 days
  • 65 days


The average life span of a well treated house cat is....

  • 12 years
  • 14 years
  • 21 years


To date, there is estimated to be this many breeds of cats.

  • 125
  • 112
  • 100


The cat has this many bones in its body.

  • 500
  • 356
  • 435


The normal body temperature of the cat is....

  • 110 F
  • 103 F
  • 102 F


Cats respond better to women then they do to men because....

  • Men are big and mean looking.
  • Women have a higher pitch to their voice.
  • Women are just nicer to animals then men.


A cat brings you its kill because....

  • It's showing you what a good job it's doing keeping your place mouse free.
  • It's showing you what a good cat he is.
  • It is trying to teach you what you need to eat because it thinks of you as its kitten


A queen cat is....

  • Queen Victoria's beautiful persian.
  • An adult female cat who has not been neutered.
  • An adult female cat who is the head of a group of other cats both kittens and adults.


A tom cat is....

  • A domestic cat turned wild.
  • An adult male cat who is the leader of a group of other young and adult cats.
  • An adult male cat who has not been spayed.


Another word for a person who is a lover of cats is....

  • Kittaphil
  • Felinadore
  • Alurophile


When you pet and rub your cats stomach and it bites you it's.....

  • Telling you that it finds the petting pleasurable, so keep doing it please.
  • It is telling you to stop it before I really bite you hard.
  • Is telling you that it is sore there and not to touch it in that spot.


The Egyptian word for cat is "mau", which means....

  • To see
  • To worship
  • To adore


When two cats meet and they rub their heads together....

  • They are checking out how strong the other is.
  • They are checking the smell of the other cat.
  • They are telling one another that they have no intention of fighting.


This year saw the cat overtake the dog as the number one pet in America.

  • 2001
  • 1987
  • 1999


It is estimated that a cat can make as many as....

  • 60 sounds
  • 45 sounds
  • 30 sounds


And the last question of this quizz. How much do you love YOUR cat? Pick the first one to get this question right :o)

  • I love my cat alot.
  • I love my cat alot.
  • I love my cat alot.