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Particularly Parrots Quiz

Can you get the answers to all things parrot? 15 Questions.

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What is another word used for parrots?

  • Pistachios
  • Parrotens
  • Psittacines


In the majority of parrots species, both female and male have same vibrant feather coloring. When parrots outwardly appear identical it is known as....

  • Mononucleosis
  • Monodentical
  • Monomorphic


In spring and fall, parrots loose feathers a few at a time and replace them with new ones. This process is known as.....

  • Refeathering
  • Molting
  • Refurbishing


Parrots that eat only grains and seeds is also known as a.....

  • Grain-ee-eh-tors
  • Granivores
  • Granuoles


Match each word with its appropriate meaning.

Drag items from right column to match with left column


  • Mandible
  • Molting
  • Grit
  • Hovering


  • A parrots beak
  • Parrot flys, but stays in one spot only
  • Old feathers fall out, new ones grow in
  • Small rocks or pebbles aiding in digestion


The oldest living parrot is a Blue and Gold Macaw named Charlie. He was owned by Winston Churchill and is.....

  • 96 years old
  • 108 years old
  • 66 years old


The "smartest" parrot is one of these, with a vocabulary of over 150 words. It has also been used in many learning experiments

  • Cockattoo
  • Macaw
  • Congo, African Grey


The largest parrot is this breed....

  • Military Macaw
  • Blue and Gold Macaw
  • Hyacinth Macaw


Parrots that eat a diet of only fruits are called.....

  • Frugivores
  • Fruiteemores
  • Unifruies


When a new feather begins to emerge it is coated in a sheath protecting it. This type of feather is a....

  • Wean feather
  • Embrio feather
  • Blood feather


1995 Guinnes Book of World Records has a budgie which could speak over _____ words.(by the way, the budgie IS part of the parrot family)

  • 3500 words
  • 540 words
  • 1700 words


Complete the following statement "A parrots tongue is extremely sensitive....

  • And made of bones, making it flexible and able to manipulate objects like our fingers do.
  • And is made of cartiledge, allowing the parrot to sing.
  • And is a muscle that helps them to talk like people.


The total number of parrot species worldwide is....

  • 323
  • 315
  • 435


This parrot was once indigenous to the U.S. but because of hunting, humans and predaction, it is now found only in Mexico.

  • Queen Anne Parrot
  • Elinores Emperor Parrot
  • Thick Billed Parrot


Using its beak a Moulcan Cockatoo is able to exert this many pounds per square inch of pressure.

  • 675psi
  • 543psi
  • 500psi