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The Darwin Awards: A Chronicle of Enterprising Demises

Awards have been given for people who "do a service to Humanity by removing themselves from the gene pool" 10 Questions.

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In 1995, a chicken fell into a well in Egypt. How many people died, and therefore won a Darwin Award, trying to rescue it?

  • 2
  • 4
  • 6


Polish farmer, Krystof Azninski, won a 1996 Darwin award by doing what to prove how macho he was while on a drinking session with his friends?

  • Smashing bricks against his head
  • Cutting his own head off
  • Swallowing a whole melon


A fisherman in Kiev thought of a clever way to catch some fish.Trailing wires connected to his home's main electricity into the water, the fish floated to the surface. How did he win a Darwin Award?

  • His van backed down an incline slowly and trapped him underwater.
  • He ate the fish that were poisoned by the lake.
  • He waded in to collect the fish without switching the electricity off.


Carol and Mark were found dead after trying to get a high off some laughing gas, and forgetting to mix in oxygen. What made this worthy of a Darwin Award?

  • They were paramedics.
  • Carol had died an hour before Mark. He refused to take the warning.
  • They choked on the pipe delivering the gas.


In February 1998, Matthew died by crashing into a ski lift tower while sledging down a piste on a home-made sled. What was idiotic about this which earned him the Darwin Award?

  • It was an indoor ski slope and the lift tower was only a metre high.
  • His sledge was made out of the protective covering from the lift tower.
  • He was 1 of 20 people on the sledge at the time.


Khay Rahnajet died after opening a letter bomb sent to his house. What made this worthy of a Darwin Award?

  • It had "This is a letter bomb" written on it.
  • He had suspected a letter bomb, but had disposed of the wrong letter.
  • He had sent the letter bomb.


In Israel, in 1999, a terrorist attack went horribly awry. A team of terrorists were in a car, driving a bomb to their intended target. Unfortunately for them, the bomb went off an hour early. Why?

  • They had forgotten to change their watches for Daylight Saving Time.
  • They had wired up the bomb incorrectly.
  • The car went over a bump in the road, and the resulting jolt set the bomb off.


An Australian kung-fu instructor told his students that, after completing their course, they "could kill a wild beast with their bare hands." What Darwin Award winning event followed?

  • A student decided to take the challenge and attacked a Lion in a Zoo.
  • He killed himself with a kung-fu chop.
  • A student accidentally killed him in a fight pretending to be a Bear.


A police officer in Illinois was killed after demonstrating to his colleague how another colleague had accidentally killed himself. What killed him?

  • He shot and injured himself but died in a car crash on the way to hospital.
  • He was doing this on the edge of a cliff. He lost balance.
  • The gun was still loaded and he shot himself.


Which famous historical figure died due to a nosebleed?

  • Joan of Arc
  • Boadicea
  • Attila the Hun