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Robin Hood

A brief trip into Sherwood forest to see if you can be a wolf's head called Robin Hood. (30 seconds between Questions, so the clocks a ticking) 8 Questions.

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Robin hood was thought to be an outlaw, and is best connected with which Midlands town of the UK

  • Nottingham
  • Derby
  • Lincolnshire


Which of these two merry men, were added by the Victorians to the tales of Robin Hood.

  • Much the miller's son & Sir Guy of Gisborn
  • Friar Tuck and Little John
  • Friar Tuck and Maid Marion


Which village does little John come from, and is buried in its local church?

  • East Leak
  • Hathersage
  • Ripley


What was Will Scarlett's original occupation, before becoming a wolf's head..?

  • Poacher
  • Cook
  • Solider


At the same time as the Kevin Costner film; Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, there was a second Robin Hood film considered by some to be better, what is it called..?

  • Men in tights
  • Patrick Bergin's Robin Hood
  • Robin Hood legend of the Green Arrow


Walt Disney's animated version of Robin Hood had which creature portraying Robin of the Hood?

  • Fox
  • Badger
  • Water Rat


Why were taxes so high in Robin Hoods time?

  • Because King Richard wanted the taxes to fund the Holy crusade
  • Because Prince John wanted to use the Monies raised to raise an army and defeat his brother, therefore becoming King
  • It was just the way things were back then, the poor paying for the rich


Which of these descriptions is right for the tree which Robin Hood was said to have lived in/by.

  • The Major Oak, the Forest of Sherwood
  • The Major Oak, East Forest Sherwood
  • The Major Oak, Sherwood Forest