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Childrens TV 1960s

Guess the character/programme title from the description. 20 Questions.

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This couple found a magic bean which when planted became a talking plant, fond of bilberry wine!! What was the couples surname?

  • Pogle
  • Bean
  • Flump


"Here is a box, a musical box, wound up and ready to play..." was the opening lines to which kids tv programme?

  • Chigley
  • Camberwick Green
  • Trumpton


The programme featured a number of small creatures living in peace and harmony on, and in a small, hollow planet far far away, who were they?

  • Clangers
  • Asterix
  • Flumps


This series introduced some new friends for the very young with the hedgerow adventures of a trio of country animals. what were there names?

  • Fluffy, Spike & Floss
  • Bill, Ben & Weed
  • Rag, Tag & Bobtail


A typical day would find Mr Munnings busily printing posters for the Fire Brigade's Band Concerts (every Thursday at 2:30pm at the band stand in the Park). But Where was it?

  • Chigley
  • Camberwick Green
  • Trumpton


This dog had a friend called ZsaZsa who was a cat and a neighbour called Kiki who was a frog. What was the dogs name?

  • Hector
  • Fred
  • Spike


This programme was adapted from a adion programme, involving two teams of four and the team members must have been of different ages. Which show was this?

  • Top Of The Class
  • Schools Out
  • Top Of The Form


This guy and his five sons were part of an organisation designed to help people in grave danger....What was the fathers name?

  • Jeff Tracy
  • Joe Tracy
  • Scott Tracy


He was a pink cartoon lion, produced by Hanna-Barbera best known for his famous catchphrase, "Heavens to Murgatroyd!" who was he?

  • Tom
  • Snagglepuss
  • Top Cat


The show took its name from the message (frequently seen on the TV screen in those days) which was displayed when there was a problem with transmission...What was it called?

  • Do Not Adjust Your Set
  • Do Not Switch Over
  • Do Not Touch The Dial!


Cresswell's gleaming white production line churned out box upon box of biscuits until the closing whistle blew and the workers trooped out for the six o'clock dance. Where was it?

  • Chigley
  • Trumpton
  • Camberwick Green


It was a magazine format show intended to compete with the BBC's Blue Peter, but attempted to be more trendy, focussing more on popular culture..what was its name?

  • Starling
  • Bluebird
  • Magpie


The main characters were Fleegle, a beagle; Bingo, a gorilla; Drooper, a lion, and Snorky who were they?

  • The Banana Splits
  • The Munch Bunch
  • The Hair Bear Bunch


This is about an Alien from the planet Myron who travels with his human friend performing missions....who are they?

  • Ting & Tang
  • Mick & Mack
  • Bleep & Booster


This guy is VERY short sighted and a cartoon character. Whats his name, also the same as the show?

  • Mr Magoo
  • Mr Bean
  • Mr Benn


One of the highlights of the show was called Don and Pete, being Don Maclean and Peter Glaze in a silent comedy style section lasting maybe five minutes. Which show was this?

  • Blue Peter
  • Magpie
  • Crackerjack


The main characters are pigs one wearing blue clothes one wearing red!! What are their names?

  • Pinky & Perky
  • Bill & Ben
  • Tom & Jerry


This, featuring Bizzy Lizzy and Sausage the dachshund, was the inspiration behind Jackanory..What was it called?

  • Read with Mother
  • Picture Book
  • Storybook


Animal Magic was a BBC television show aimed at children. The show was first broadcast in 1962 and ran for 21 years. Who was the shows presenter?

  • Johnny Morris
  • Rolf Harris
  • Michaela Strachan


“A house with a door, windows 1 2 3 4, ready to knock? Turn the lock…" Was which shows opening lines?

  • Watch With Mother
  • Jackanory
  • Play school