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The Best Harry Potter Books Quiz

Do you know the Harry Potter books off by heart? Prove it!! 10 Questions.

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What is the seventh Harry Potter book called?

  • ....and the deadly hallows
  • ......and the deathly hallows
  • .......and the dearly hallows


What do Harry, Ron and Hermione go 'Hunting; for in the seventh book?

  • Portkeys
  • Horcruxes
  • Death Eaters


What house did the Sorting hat consider putting Harry in before he ended up in Gryffindor?

  • Ravenclaw
  • Hufflepuff
  • Slitherin


In which book did Harry save Ginny's life?

  • 6th book
  • 3rd book
  • 2nd book


In the last chapter of the last book, 2 of Harrys children were called Lily Luna Potter and James Sirius Potter , what was Harrys third child called?

  • Remus Albus Potter
  • Nymphadora Cho Potter
  • Albus Severus Potter


Put these in order of which they happened.....

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  • Wormtail dies
  • Moony dies
  • Prongs dies
  • Padfoot dies


Harry was the first, first year seeker in a......

  • Decade
  • Century
  • Millenium


Put these statements in the correct order........

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  • Harry meets Sirius Black
  • Harry saves Mr Weasleys life
  • Dumbledore Dies
  • Cedric Diggory Dies


Put these in order....

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  • The battle of Hogwarts
  • The Second wizarding war
  • The battle of the department of mysteries
  • The First wizarding War


Hermione was tortured in the seventh book by Bellatrix Lestrange , she was carrying her 'beaded bag' with her where did she hide it so that the Death Eaters or Bellatrix did not find it?

  • In her pocket
  • Up her sleeve
  • Down her sock