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British Political Parties Quiz

A quiz about the main Political Parties, and those not quite so well known, in the U.K. 10 Questions.

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Which party forms a minority administration in the Scottish Parliament?

  • The Scottish Labour Party
  • The Scottish National Party
  • The Scottish Liberal Democrats


The Social Democratic and Labour Party have 3 seats in the House of Commons but which part of the U.K. do they represent?

  • Northern Ireland
  • Wales
  • Scotland


Former Labour Member of Parliament, George Galloway, founded this Party standing on an anti-war platform.

  • Response Party
  • U.K. Peace Party
  • Respect Coalition


Screaming Lord Sutch was this party's most famous face.

  • Maniac Party
  • Official Monster Raving Loony Party
  • Vote for me Party


Prior to the formation of the Liberal Democrats in 1988, who was the leader of the Liberal Party?

  • Jeremy Thorpe
  • Jo Grimond
  • David Steel


He was leader of the Labour Party from 1935 to 1955 and became Prime Minister following the Second World War. Who was he?

  • Hugh Gaitskell
  • Clement Attlee
  • Harold Wilson


This party came into existence in Scotland in 2005 campaigning against the smoking ban in bars and restaurants.

  • Tobacco Party
  • Publican Party
  • Freedom for Smokers Party


" Take a Break" magazine started this party in 2006 to campaign against "Yob" behaviour in our communities. What was it called?

  • Vigilante Party
  • Party of Good Behaviour
  • Mum's Army


Which of these three was registered as a real Political party in the U.K.?

  • Workers' Drinking Party
  • No Taxation Party
  • Make Politicians History Party


This party won control of a borough council in the 2007 local elections.Which one was it?

  • Freedom for Glasgow Party
  • Boston Bypass Independents
  • England for the English Party