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Battle Win Lose or Draw?

Was the Battle of Salamis a home banker? Just who won at Crecy? Was the Battle of Ypres a bore draw? 12 Questions.

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The venue was Waterloo, in neutral Belgium. The year was 1815. The French and British were slugging out a draw until who turned up and joined in , causing the decisive breakthrough in injury time?

  • The Americans
  • The Scottish
  • The Prussians


Summer 1314 saw Scotland have home advantage against Edward II's England on a bumpy pitch at Bannockburn. What was the outcome?

  • Home win
  • Away win
  • Draw


The second leg was played 199 years later at Flodden Field in Northumberland. Which headline best applies regarding the result?

  • England slump as slick Scots score surprise win
  • Comfortable victory for English as Scots toil
  • Scots happy with point after bore draw


Back to 216BC at the small town of Cannae, Italy, we find the Romans at home to touring side Carthage, under ambitious Hannibal. What was the outcome?

  • The Romans were particularly solid at home and were never troubled.
  • Hannibal transformed Carthage into a team capable of beating anybody on their day.
  • An even match up, both camps happy with a draw.


Nov 1917 saw the Battle of Cambrai take place in Northern France. What was the result?

  • British win
  • German win
  • Draw


The Battle of Omdurman (1898) was a match up between Sudanese warriors and well equipped British troops. The Sudanese had 10000 killed. The British had how many killed in what was a huge away win?

  • 47
  • 477
  • 4077


Stalingrad 1942 sees the Russians at home to the Germans.The Germans started brightly . But this was Russia and their timewasting led to .............

  • the arrival of Winter. = Home win
  • the Germans becoming angry = Away win
  • the game being abandoned due to a frozen pitch.


October 1415 France v England at Agincourt. A game England couldn't afford to lose. What was the result?

  • Home win
  • Score draw
  • Away win


Match the battle with the correct teams?

Drag items from right column to match with left column


  • Marathon 490BC
  • Bull Run 1861
  • Iwo Jima 1945
  • Jutland 1915


  • US v Japan
  • Britain v Germany
  • Union v Confederates
  • Greece v Persia


Who fought out the 1972 Cod War?

  • The Cod took on rebel fish led by the Halibuts
  • Iceland and Britain had a squabble over fish quota's
  • North Sea fishermen were set upon by 1 large cod and some angry haddock


November 1914 saw the Battle of Coronel fought between old adversaries Britain and Germany. But where exactly is Coronel?

  • In the Caucasus Mountains near Azerbaijan/Armenia border
  • In Northern Spain, close to Bilbao
  • In the Pacific off the coast of Chile


The 1485 Battle of Bosworth saw both the Yorkists and Lancastrians at full strength. What would have been an appropriate headline regarding the outcome in Ye Olde Sun newspaper?

  • Lancs set upon by Yorkshire terriers
  • Lancashire Hot Pots make Yorkshire puddings
  • Cheryl Cole made Duchess of Wessex