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Tuck Everlasting Chapter 1-6

Take a deeper look at the first 6 chapters of Tuck Everlasting! 30 Questions.

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What is the meaning of the word "Melancholy?"

  • Sad or depressed
  • Happy
  • Anxious and serious


The man in the yellow suit asked Winnie how long she'd lived at her home and she responded "Forever." What connect can you make between the word "Forever" and the problem the Tuck Family is facing?

  • It is forshaddowing the Tuck family and their ability to live forever.
  • The man wants to know if Winnie has truly lived forever.
  • Winnie cannot live forever.


The word "Tranquil" means...

  • Tired
  • Loud and exciting
  • Calm or peaceful


The word "galling" means

  • loving
  • irritating
  • endearing


The word "reluctantly" means

  • with reservation
  • with excitement
  • with enthusiasm


The word "meager" means

  • a medium amount
  • a large amount
  • a small amount


What did Angus Tuck do to prove he was everlasting?

  • Hit himself with a shovel
  • Shoot himself in the chest
  • Jump into the water when he couldn't swim


The word "Faltered" means

  • to stumble or slow down
  • to move smoothly
  • to move in a quick jerky motion


Tuck and Mae only see their sons every 10 years. Why?

  • The had a fight with their sons and they try to keep their space
  • The boys are very independant and want to be alone
  • They do not want to be seen by the people of Treegap


Describe the internal conflict that Mae, Miles, and Jesse feel when they kidnap Winnie.

  • The feel good about taking her because they want company.
  • They feel horrible, but yet they want to keep their secret
  • The boys always wanted a little sister, but they are taking her away from her family.


Why does Winnie confide her troubles to the toad?

  • The toad is a quiet listener
  • The toad can live forever
  • The toad is caged up like Winnie is


What does the word "bovine" mean?

  • slow moving like bears
  • slow moving like antelope
  • slow moving like cattle


What is the significance of the toad?

  • The toad symbolizes communication
  • The toad symbolizes freedom! Freedom is something Winnie desires.
  • The toad is not significant to the story


What does the word "burly" mean?

  • scary
  • Small and skinny
  • Large and muscular


What does the word "tolerantly" mean

  • to put up with something annoying or stressful
  • to make someone happy
  • to irritate someone


Why is Angus Tuck upset when his wife, Mae interrupts his dream about being in Heaven?

  • He doesn't want to die, so that dream is a very upsetting to him.
  • He want to die because he can't, so that dream is a very enjoyable dream to him.
  • He likes to sleep


What does the word "irrelevant" mean?

  • it matters alot
  • it doesn't matter
  • to fall


What did the spring look like?

  • It was hidden under some stones at the base of a tree
  • it was in a clearing, but hidden from the road
  • It was just off the road that everyone traveled


Why did the cows go around the wood?

  • What!! The cows actually went through the wood!
  • The cows didn't want to go through the trees
  • The cows had a weird feeling about the wood


How does Winnie feel about her family?

  • They are overprotective
  • She loves spending time with her family
  • They are a normal family


The man in the Yellow Suit wants to find...

  • a family
  • his family
  • the spring


What is the 'hub' of the story

  • Winnie
  • The wood
  • Treegap


What is the comparison that is made between the Ferris Wheel and the month of August?

  • August is like the top of the Ferris Wheel
  • August is like the bottom of the Ferris Wheel
  • Neither of these


What does grandmother think the music in the wood is?

  • Mae Tuck
  • Elves
  • A Fairy


Mae grabs Winnie before she does what

  • Runs back home
  • kisses Jesse
  • takes a drink of the spring


Angus Tuck seems

  • happy
  • old
  • grumpy


Mae Tuck is described as...

  • a round old woman
  • young and fun
  • none of the above


Winnie is how many years old?

  • 20
  • 10
  • 15


Jesse claims he is how many years old?

  • 17
  • 400
  • 15


The ash tree is

  • the largest in the clearing
  • easy to find
  • carved with a "T" for Tuck